Obama Jobs Speech is Phony


We keep reading about the President going here and there aboard Air Force One.  These are not affairs of State.  All reporters acknowledge that the travels are political fund-raisers and that the trips are getting millions of dollars for the re-election campaign of the President.  Fine.  However, the American Taxpayer should not pay for the political activities of the President.  How much does one round trip to California cost?  I understood that one round trip to California cost 56o thousand dollars.  Well, I do not the Prez. to go unprotected, but since these are fundamentally political campaign trips I think that the Congress should demand that the Democrat party pay the bill.  After all, it is Obama who is constantly criticizing the corporate executives for using company Jets for legitimate business purposes, saying that the CEO of Ford, and Kellogg, and Johnson and Johnson should fly first class or coach on public aircraft.  Okay!  What is good for one is good for the other.  The President should be severely limited in the use of Air Force One and required to prove that his use of the Jet is not for private or political gain but is used for the legally mandated affairs of State.  Otherwise, he can still use the Jet, its crew, the Secret Service, the Cook, the Maid, the Valet and all the rest, but the Democrat party must pay the bill, immediately before the trip and not after.  That is all we need, a late bill to the Democrat party, which, they will claim is Bush’s fault and therefore they are not responsible and cannot pay.  And one more thing, the President has given speeches for several weeks now that the Republicans must pass his jobs bill.  Well, if you note, today was the first day that the actual written bill was presented to the Congress.  How can the Congress even discuss a Bill they have not even seen.  The Obama White House needs to have a remedial lesson in how to get legislation passed.  It starts with writing the Bill. It continues with submitting the Bill.  Then the Administration is supposed to send its experts and analysts to Congress to explain the bill and then defend it.  Without all of this constitutionally mandated process, there is no bill and therefore the Congress is prevented by Obama and his administration from passing anything. Why?  BECAUSE WITHOUT A BILL THERE IS NOTHING TO PASS. It is all phony Obama.  Sad really!

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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