Are those who want to wait and plan more instead of passing the spending bill really just obstructionists?


Is there a place for conversation on the web?

Reading the various blogs today I am amazed at the following:
1. The number of Bush haters on the web who constantly name call and accuse but do not back up with reliable data to prove their point.
2.The shouting on the web. The web is not really an audible medium, yet the comments, especially anti Bush, are always in a shout mode.
3.The name calling. I read peoples comments about this stupid person, or that crazy person, or this SOB or that bastard. Really, in a civilized society such inane name calling is sheer bullying.
4.I should like to think that the world of blogs can be a place for the sharing of information and the conduct of written conversation that communicates more than just hatred, disapproval, name calling and other behaviors commonly associated with ill disciplined and rude children.
So, my question is the following: “Do you think or more importantly, do you want the world of blogs to be a place of rant or the place of conversation?

A place to start…what do you think is the significance, if any of the large number of former Clinton Adminstration officials in the President Elects cabinet?