The speech by former VP Biden is one more proof for the USA voter to reject the Democrat party and join the people’s revolutions who’s present leader is Donald J. Trump. Once again a betrayal of the American voter by a Democrat.  Former, and the emphasis is on “former” Vice President Biden just cannot see the bigger picture of the welfare of America.  His personal pride is wounded by the peoples choice and now he whines and crys “foul” by using such phrases as, “I thought we had passed the days when it was acceptable for political leaders at local and national levels to bestow legitimacy on hate speech and fringe ideologies. But the world is changing so rapidly,” Biden said to Cornell’s graduating class.  What is going on here is a former elected official attacking the voters of the USA because they did not vote the way he wanted them to vote.  What he does is call the voters people of “hate speech”  and believers in “fringe Ideologies.”  This writer thinks it is time for these majority voters to rise up even more forcefully in 2018 and throw all such accusers out of public office at every level.  Let us be done with political elitists who call the people racist, bigots, practicers of hate sppech and believers in fringe ideologies.  Let us send a clear message that we the voters of America are no longer going to be taken for granted and embarrassed into letting people who hate us be our public officials.  Let the revolution continue


Amazing Political Comment from Spokesperson for Seth Rich.

“It’s sad but unsurprising that a group of media outlets who have repeatedly lied to the American people would try and manipulate the legacy of a murder victim in order to forward their own political agenda,” a spokesman for the Rich family told Business Insider. “I think there is a special place in hell for people like that.”


The above statement was reported on the Internet today.  This writer is amazed and shocked by the openly political intent of the statement.  If I had lost a child to murder, I could not state something as cold-hearted and politically motivated as the above statement about my child’s death.  Sadly, I read that a spokesperson for the family made the statement.  Are the members of the Rich family millionaires?  I have met a few people who suffered great accidental tragedy and none of them have “spokespeople” to make political comments for them.  Wow, this is truly incredible!

Easy way to Press an Issue

North Carolina Law


This article is a small example of ways media attempts to perpetuate a political agenda based on race.  How?  It is done through the editorial comments that this voting rights law was in a southern state.  The state was formerly a confederate state. The law was passed by Republicans and critics of the law asserted that the law intended to restrict the right of American citizens of black skin from voting.   The assertion that the accusation by the critics of the law reflected the fact of the intention is further communicated by inclusion by the editor that the voiding of the law by the Federal court of the fourth circuit was based on that accusation.  And the editors prejudice is cemented by communicating  that the US Supreme court’s refusal to hear the case upheld the lower court’s decision that the law was intended as racial prejudice.  However, in the body of the article it is reported that the former Republican administration passed the law.  That the law was opposed by Democrats and the NAACP.  The present Democrat governor of  NC does not want to pursue the former Republican administration’s appeal but the State legislature thinks it has a right to continue the appeal.  The end result?  The US Supreme court in a two page statement said that the confusion within the State of NC as to which executive or legislative body has a legal right to pursue the appeal is enough to not hear the case.

Granted,  some will claim that the US Supreme has reviewed the actual case and discussed it on the merits and decided not to hear the case because by doing so the US Supreme court accomplished two things:  It lets the idea continue that the previous court’s judgement that the law was a racially motivated attempt by a former Confederate State to limit Americans of black skin from voting;  Second, it allowed the court to keep out of the political argument.  But is this truth or the interpretation of the editor?  Did the court actually spend the time to review the fourth circuit court documents, testimony and legal arguments or did the court refuse the case because the legal standing of the parties involved was murky and such a case would take too much time on an already full court docket?

This author takes the position that the two page document is the whole affair and the court is not thereby ruling that the law passed by a former Republican legislature and signed by a former Republican governor is clear evidence of their continued Confederate leanings and of their intention to limit the rights of American citizens of black skin from voting.   In others words, the editor’s innuendo that the NC Carolina people are racists is really evidence of the stereotypical prejudice and racial bias of the editor.  And Yes, if the reporter and editor are both of white skin, it is very possible for white skinned people to be racially prejudice against other people of white skin.

Help President Trump be a Better President

The Washington Post and New York Times newspapers have been very highly critical of our elected President. From the time that the election was finalized these two newspapers have set up the conspiracy theory about the supposed Russian influence upon the election and an array of criticisms, critiques and editorial accusations. All of this effort by two renown newspapers has been singularly aimed at defeating our democratically elected President. They cannot defeat the election, since even the most cynical people acknowledged that the language used for supposed Russian influence borders on the silly because influence does not mean “hacked” and no one is even suggesting that the actual voter machines were corrupted by the Russian bogeyman. Nonetheless, the Washington Post, The New York Times, Yahoo and Google have all cooperated in a frontal assault upon our new President and his young administration.

This author will not give credibility to the various campaigns that are launched daily by these two newspapers and their Internet partners. But one must wonder as to the reason for their crude assumption that the American electorate is absolutely wrong to have elected President Trump! Franky, I do not comprehend their reasoning. But I will propose that they think the voters are stupid and the newly elected President is even more stupid. In fact, they would claim that anyone who even considers the possibility that President Trump can succeed in “Making America Great Again.” is crazy. That’s it, plain and simple! People for Trump are not only wrong, they are crazy. But why do these newspapers think this way?

I suggest that they have revealed themselves to be narrow-minded, dogmatically Democrat, doctrinally liberal and people who despise the ordinary hard-working middle class American who elected President Trump. I would even go further, suggesting that the editorial boards and reporters of these two newspapers have lost all sense of proportion and fairness in their one hundred percent conviction that their task is to defeat President Trump, defeat his policies, and thereby defeat the American voters who exercised their elective franchise and made him our President. The war of the Washington Post and the New York Times is not against President Trump, rather, it is an openly covert campaign to put down, crush and eradicate the values of the middle class American who voted for him. This effort is a war against middle class workers, middle class mothers and fathers, and middle class family values. It is a war against mainline synagogues and churches and is an unrelenting Jihad against anyone and any institution that does not bow to the philosophical gods promoted by them .

It does not need to be this way. The people at the desks of the Washington Post and the New York Times are also American citizens. The voters for Trump have always acknowledged this, although, the WP and the NYT would not grant the middle class the same designation, preferring cute slander and effeminate slight. But, that said, it is acknowledged by this writer that the people spoken of here are not haters of America, but have a different vision of what they think should be the future of America. Fair enough. But is it really necessary to attack our newly elected President and his young administration with a continuous barrage of criticism, critique and editorial shouting? If the Washington Post and the New York Times really think they have the better plan, then let them help our new President and his young administration to see that plan by explaining it, laying it out clearly in non vitriolic policy articles and working hard to convince President Trump and the voters who elected him that there is a different and better way to govern the nation.

It is imperative that these two venerable news organizations and their Internet and cable proxies stop the effort to defeat Donald Trump and the so-called deplorable and insufferable and un-redeemable Americans who elected him. It can start with a clear acknowledgment that there was no Russian “hacking” of the election. It can continue with a mind change from Donald Trump outsider and one time business mogul, to President Trump the elected head of the American government and our representative to the world. And it could be sustained by an overt effort to help the new President, carried out with the same energy and dedication as the effort to defeat. If this is beyond their capability, then the American reader, citizen, consumer, and voter have every right to reject these two News organizations as anti-American, Anti-democracy and as being organizations worthy of being ignored.

The News Media is Defeating Itself.


The assumption that true conservatives will stand fast until the end is not true. We can be defeated. It is not a defeat by those who hate us but a defeat by those who sympathize with us but are unwilling to stand with us. I call it the “Judas syndrome”. Judas Iscariot knew that Jesus could feed the hungry, heal the sick, cure the lame, open the eyes of the blind. How did he know? It was because he witnessed such good things with his own eyes.!! Judas knew that Jesus could turn water into wine, could walk on a stormy sea and was himself the water of eternal life. But Judas didn’t support Jesus in what he perceived to be Jesus’ mission. Rather, Judas thought that the mission of Jesus should be the same as the mission of Judas. Therefore, Judas was willing to challenge Jesus for the leadership by an act of betrayal in the belief that such as act would force Jesus to abandon his own mission and embrace the Judas agenda. Judas did not understand that Jesus would resist the Judas agenda even though it meant crucifixion, death and burial. The end result, in terms of Jesus, was salavation. But the end result for a Judas’ betrayal ,today, is defeat and existential disaster. Sadly, many today believe that the defeat of O’Reilly and of Fox new will be temporary and that a new and better news vehicle will arise. They forget that the follwers of Jesus has an unexpected ace. Namely, Jesus risen from the dead!! O’Reilly is not Jesus. His followers are not disciples. And neither Bill , nor they , will rise from the dead. The end result? It will be abandonment by the Fox news followers after the defeat of O’Reilly. It will be a dispersion of these followers into a vast universe of media. And it will abandonment of hope by his followers who recognize that the back room assasination policy of the Democrat political machine cannot be permanently defeated. Therefore, the O’Reilly people will go home. They will build their walls of protection. They will abandon the public square of discussion and civil discourse and eventually they will die. The end will be a victory of the far left. It will be the subversion of the all too compliant middle and the obliteration of the right. A sad day for America-which is the last great hope of freedom. Why? Because those in the media who enjoyed the freedom, played a game of “chicken” with the “right” to prove that the “right” could not withstand the alliance of the middle with the left. They will be proven to be correct. But the result will be the obliteration of the middle along with the right because that was the long term plan of the left all along,.

Syria like Libya is a Sovereign nation. It is Best to Respect the International law.

Any further attack upon the military of Syria is an act of unprovoked aggression. It is a sad fact that some kind of chemical weapon was released during a bombing attack by the air force of Syria. However, this writer wonders if we should automatically doubt the explanation of the Syrian government that they were not the ones who released the gas. Their explanation is plausible, namely, that the gas had been stockpiled by the ISIS gang and that unknown to the Syrian air force they were targeting a chemical gas depot.

Why do I wonder? It is a very convenient event for the ISIS gang and a very serious offense if committed by the government of Syria. However, the Syrian government denied they did it. The Russian government that had effective control of previous Syrian chemical weapons stockpiles, denied that the government of Syria used the chemical weapons. Of course, the bogeymen of today, used to frighten the childish governments of the West, are Assad and Putin. Why believe them? Many would immediately say because they are liars. But is that true? On the face and even with deeper analysis there would be absolutely nothing to be gained by Syria using chemical weapons. But if the ISIS gang and their liberal allies in the USA and Europe could fool everyone into believing that the Syrian and Russian bogeymen did it, then that would be a victory for chaos and an advance for what Obama called ISIL, which stands for Islamic State In Levant. Additionally, it was amazing to me that of all the unreported 22 thousand bombs dropped on Syria by the Obama administration, the PRESS photographers and video media were on the scene instantaneously with camera, mike and up link crews for this singular attack to broadcast injured children’s faces to the world.

It is understandable that President Trump, himself in meetings with heads of other countries, should decry the alleged use of chemical weapons. It is obvious that any civilized country should condemn the use of such weapons. But this author is always reminded of the only country ever to use nuclear weapons against civilian populations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Therefore, I strenuously opposed our war against Saddam Hussein. I also strenuously opposed our regime change war against M. Gaddalfi of Libya. Both were wars, the Bush Iraqi war authorized by Congress but the Obama Libya war never authorized.

President Trump acted with precision and out of a complete belief based on our Intelligence reports that the government of Syria was at fault. However, to attack the military of a sovereign nation is an act of aggression and a defacto declaration of war against that country. If such is the case, it is imperative that the President ask the Congress for permission to pursue that war with “boots on the ground” with the objective of defeating the Syrian government, occupying the country and taking responsibility for it, its people and its general welfare. The defeat of a country in war carries with it responsibility and accountability for the country thus conquered. To over throw a government and then just walk away is not only illegal, it is criminal and cruel. Therefore, this author is against any further action against the independent sovereign country of Syria. Rather, a thorough investigation of the chemical weapons stockpiles still in Syria must be conducted by the United Nations and must include ISIS and the other rebel groups there. President Trump should publicly declare that he is not seeking the overthrow of the Assad government, which is in keeping with his campaign promises to abandon the policy of Regime Change. Secretary of State Tillerson should not act belligerently toward Syria or Syria’s ally, Russia. Rattling the saber of War is not good policy. Threatening an international coalition against Syria and Russia is a warmongering policy and indicates a failure of State Department diplomacy.

This writer is a President Trump supporter. I still support him. However, I feel that this incident could have been conceived and conducted by forces like allies of former Nazi George Soros, ISIS ad their nihilist cohorts in order to further destabilize the world and thwart the efforts of President Trump to bring peace and prosperity to the nations of that region. Let’s stop acting unilaterally. We are not, nor should we be, the police of the world. Stop the bombing, talk to Assad and Putin with respect and not belligerence and let’s get this situation solved. It’s the only way.

Christian Church Radio Classic is a New Internet Station

Music is second to preaching. It moves the soul in ways deep and mysterious. It can reach beyond the mind into the spiritual realms of the human person. There, music releases the unique emotional responses given to us by God. Music can help the anxious and suffering, unlocking the pain and allowing the precious healing of God to flood over the hurt and bring relief. Music can go down into our depression and lift us up to the light of God’s possibilities. It can give us hope when our minds tell us there is no hope and when we are bent down by the burdens that overwhelm us, music can lift up our heads to see the sunrise and realize that the dark night is over and the sunlight of day is here.

Music can be a message to us from God. It is with this objective that we are launching Christian Church Radio Classic. The founders of Christian Church Radio Classic are rooted in the Church of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Savior of every person in the world. It is because of this Jesus, and the message transmitted to us through His church that we move beyond the sanctuary of our congregations in order to engage all people. We hope people will allow the music to penetrate their sacred space and bring them spiritual joy.

Christian Church Radio Classic