Trump is Right, Time to Move Forward

The Cold War is over and we do not want it back. The Russian people were our allies in WWII and played a big part in the defeat of Nazism. Millions of their people died in that war and millions more in the Communist time. Now, we are beyond that and President Putin and Russia are no longer our enemies. They are economic partners and can be political partners versus the insanity that is modern Germany, France and England, places burdened with Muslim hordes. President Trump went to Poland, which is a bridge between Europe and Russia, aka, the West and East of Europe. His inspiring speech called for affirmation of Western “Christian” heritage and spiritual values. But this does not and is not regarded by Russia as excluding them from Europe. Rather than continue the political myth of the Russian bogeyman, and rather than returning to the Cold War days of the Stalinist era, it is time to move forward. Russia and the USA can cooperate and collaborate on a number of key issues to include Syria. Peace in Syria under the UN supervised and legal election of Assad is very possible. We stop the bombs, and invest in rebuilding a modern Syria. Note that 22 thousand (yes thousand) bombs were dropped on Syria during the eight years of Obama. Russia has good relations with Assad government, which by the way, is the legal government of an independent and sovereign nation. Peace in Syria will allow Russia, USA, Iraq and others to focus on defeat of ISIS terrorism. Once ISIS is defeated the nations of the middle East, to include Morroco and Tunisia, Egypt and others can set a new course for themselves and with help for USA and Russia rebuild a stable and peaceful region where native people will prosper and even return from exile to live and contribute to a new North Africa. This ,combined with the new start in Saudi Arabia, and Secretary Tillerson’s efforts in the region, can eventually lead to realistic efforts in Palestine for a peace there. President Trump and President Putin have met. They have established trust and now we should build on that new relationship, forgetting any past propaganda about the Russians as bogeymen. That’s for silly children and the American citizen is not silly nor are they children. Rather, they are peace loving and peace promoting people who have elected President Trump to move forward exactly as he has already done.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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