Democrats are political terrorists

Since the election of Donald Trump to be President of the USA, we have witnessed daily attempts by Democrats to stop the peaceful transition of power. There was the day after cries of foul that lead to the demand for a recount of votes. But the Democrats did not ask for recounts in West Virginia, or Kentucky but only for recounts in the three States which would have denied President-elect Trump the needed electoral votes. This political terror tactic was accompanied by a chorus of high-profile media people saying that Mr. Trump was not “their” President. The disregard for the voters who legitimately elected President-Elect Trump was daily broadcast over media stations with panels and pundits and election gurus all saying that the people who elected him were duped, or fooled or just “angry white men”.  The recounts showed that not only did Donald Trump win the three States but he increased his lead, albeit, by a few hundred votes in each State. Then there was the chorus from Hollywood that actors and other entertainers would not respect the new President’s request to entertain at his inauguration. It was daily reported about this one or that one who refused to participate because of their dislike for Mr. Trump, VP Pence, the campaign staff, the proposed cabinet, and ultimately, their contempt for the millions of legal voters who exercised their God-given right to vote. Add to all of this, the myth of the so-called Russian hack of the Democrat National Committee(DNC) offices and the nature of this unAmerican terror tactic of intimidation and lies goes beyond the real into fantasy. There was an interception of DNC emails and data from their computers but there is not one shred of evidence it was directed by Russia or Russians. There is also absolutely no proof to the allegation that this was a hacking of the election. Even President Obama, no friend of Donald Trump, stated publically that there was no interference with the voting process in the USA. This statement has been proven again and again. However, the nefarious use of the term, “hacked the election” used by the Democrats confused and misled people. Add to all of this the murky involvement of the CIA and Mr. Clapper, and the FBI and Mr. Commey in the completely false attestation to the fabricated Trump “dossier” scandal and one can see the willingness of Democrats to use the government itself to smear the President-elect and deny the voters their freedom. All of this process, although not Muslim type terrorism, is nonetheless, political, social and cultural terrorism. The antic today inform us as we look back on the many years when Congress and the Senate were gridlocked and nothing accomplished.  It is the Democrats who need to be examined. The inauguration of Donald Trump to be President of the USA is a hope-filled day. The inauguration is the day when the peaceful political revolution of the people which resulted in his nomination and election victory will start a new era of hope and change. This time, not by a phone and a pen and a grid-locked Congress of petulant Democrats, but by robust debate, and congressional legislation. By the way, let’s keep a keen eye on the Democrats in Congress. If they do not acknowledge Donald Trump as President, and if they try their political terrorist tactics in Congress, then we the people need to make sure they don’t win reelection in 2018.

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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