Moderates for Trump

When is it time to moderate your viewpoint in order to achieve success?  This is a very important question for the voters in this 2016 election.  It is not concerning only the Presidential candidates, but also the Senate and House of Representatives candidates.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016 Republican House member Paul Ryan won his primary battle against a newcomer.  It was an important event because Representative Ryan is also Speaker of the House of Representatives.  Therefore, he is third in line of succession to the Presidency if both the President and Vice President should be killed.  He is also the leader of the House and it is from there that a great deal of legislation originates and it is from there that all money legislation starts.  As the Speaker of the House, Ryan is either an ally or a foe of the President and Executive policies. In a very real sense, Speaker Ryan is the head of the legislative branch, even as Chief Justice Roberts is the head of the Judicial branch and if elected, Donald Trump will be of the Executive branch.  All of them supposed to be equal in power so as to safeguard against any one branch of government becoming dictatorial.

Ryan is a member of the Republican party.  At the beginning of this election cycle Speaker Ryan seemed hostile to the potential of Mr. Donald J. Trump becoming the Republican nominee for President.  Eventually, Mr. Trump became the nominee, and met with Mr. Ryan to overcome any objections that Speaker Ryan had about candidate Trump.  Recently, a seeming disconnect occurred when Mr. Trump seemed to support Mr. Ryan’s opponent at the Primary level.  Much commotion was caused by the media, but Mr. Ryan affirmed his support for Mr. Trump and Mr. Trump officially endorsed Paul Ryan.

Does it matter?  Who knows?  But it was a symbol  to this writer that voters will need to moderate their political positions in response to the extraordinary opportunity to elect a truly non politician Mr. Trump.  Why?  Because there is a new American Revolution happening.  It is a political revolution. It is a revolution of the workers against those who do not care to work.  It is a revolution of business people against those who would tax businesses out of existence.  It is a revolution of union workers against those who approve of exporting their jobs to foreign countries.  It is a revolution of citizens against those who seek citizenship by breaking the law,  It is a revolution of middle class people against effete snobs in universities who take their money and use it to turn their children’s values against them- a middle class that is tired of Black Lives Matter, of Occupy Wall Street, of Ferguson and looting, of agitators who burn down neighborhoods hooded Muslim athletes, spitting out their hate for America and  of anti morality advocates who claim that if a man wants to pretend he is a women and enter a woman’s bathroom, it is OK.   It is a revolution of all Americans against liars, cheaters, phonies, manipulators, and elite political careerists who think that they are owed the Presidency because they are the “best qualified” for the job.

Yes, this writer is a Trump advocate.  Yes, this writer is a moral conservative.  Yes, this writer identifies with the Republican party.  However, “yours truly” supports Mr. Trump because I believe that the New American Political Revolution that we daily experience has made him the voice of the disenfranchised American who is told to give over America to immigrants who for twenty years have succeeded in breaking the law.  A Revolution of disgusted Americans who see the results of a President who disparages them for clinging to their Bibles and guns and who started his administration by claiming that the White (his words) cop in Cambridge, acted foolishly; of Americans who are still startled by Secretary of State Clinton’s testimony about the murder of four embassy personnel in  Benghazi, Libya, ” What difference does it make, they are dead?!”

The New American Revolution represented by Donald Trump is a political revolution.   It is one last expression of American citizens that they may be able to save the USA from its spiral into the oblivion of Presidential executive orders and a newspaper and news reporting system that constantly treats them as stupid people to be used, manipulated, lied to and propagandized.  And Donald Trump?  Billionaire business man and Republican nominee for President, what of him?  He did not make the New American Revolution,  It made him.  He did not convince people to believe as they do, they find in him a leader willing to listen to their beliefs and to respect their opinions and to honor them as citizens of the USA.   This New American Revolution is political for now.  It is based on hope, the hope of a majority of citizens who have been ill treated by their leaders, lied to by their media and who have seen their beloved nation delivered to illegals, law breakers, and college teachers who despise them and seek to turn their own children against them.

Will this phenomenon remain political?  Who knows!  If the religious right cannot moderate their views to embrace Donald Trump, the revolution may fail.  If the Conservatives cannot moderate their views to accept a less than “pure” conservative in Donald Trump, it may fail.  If the vast rank and file of adherents to the Democrat party cannot move toward Mr. Trump, it will fail.  But its failure, if it happens, may be the new strident revolution that dismisses politics and like a Phoenix from the ashes rises to create a new reality, a viable third political party that will forever change the power structure of America.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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