The Trump Revolution is Real

Just look at the attendance and the enthusiasm at the Trump Rallies.  Packed arenas.  Lots of young people.  Attendees who will vote in November.  The Trump Revolution is real.

Yes, it does baffle some on the left.  They cannot understand that people who work for a living could possibly like the Billionaire, Donald Trump.  But it is exactly because they do work for a living that the people of the revolution understand and want Trump.  They know the importance of a job. They understand that they have entrepreneur leaders, Masters of Business Administration project managers, and work site supervisors who worked their way up from the bottom. They understand that these are the people Donald Trump hires and these are the people that hire them.   They understand that the big buildings of steel and glass were built by the employees of Donald Trump and that these workers were paid by the Trump organization.  The appreciate the need for hard core, solidly based, forward thinking, revolutionary business people in order to create new and better jobs and more and higher paying positions for those who achieve.  These are people not baffled by Donald Trump, they like him.

At the start of this American Political Revolution, the pundits, the career television commentators and the newly minted college graduate news reporters talked a lot about voter’s outrage and about blue collar anger and white middle class Bible believers and gun owners who should be dismissed as not worthy to be considered.  After Trump’s initial successes there was a lot of TV chatter that this was merely the middle class suburban people expressing their frustration with modern life.  It was inferred that they were backward looking nostalgic people trying to cling to their religion, guns and childhood memories.  In all of this the attitude of those giving us their views on TV and news was that whites, middle class suburbanites, and blue collar workers should be ashamed of themselves.  The reporters used condescending language and expressive body language to show their disdain for those who are the heart and soul of America.   And this heart and soul of American resonates to the message that Donald Trump gives.  They have made him their voice.

Yes, this new American revolution is political, for now!  But there is a growing anxiety among its people that the powerful, and the careerist politicians, and the news media will join forces to quell the rebellion and crush the revolution.  Many would say that this assessment is correct and that once the new American political revolution is put down then all can rest easy.  But this may be a very big mistake.  The people started the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) movement and this was stolen from them by establishment politicians and made into an institution.  The TEA patriots didn’t resist.  They thought it was good.  They elected people who spoke the TEA words in the hope that they were sincere.  They have been disappointed and have leeched away from TEA.  Donald Trump is seen as an answer to their disappointment.

Many flocked to Republican libertarian Senator Rand Paul.  He was a viable and is still a credible source of hope for Americans.  But Senator Rand Paul was under funded and could not sustain the race for President.  Thankfully, he is a candidate for Senator from Kentucky.  Others ran to Senator Marco Rubio, a new voice, a young face and a solid message of hope.  But Senator Rubio was also underfunded and could not sustain the primaries.  Thankfully, Donald Trump encouraged him not to give up on a race for Senate and Marco Rubio is back on the election scene, a viable choose for Florida.   Many young, idealistic and enthusiastic people turned to Senator Bernie Sanders.  But Senator Sanders was undermined by the Hilary Clinton controlled Democratic National Committee.  He was stabbed in the back by Debbie Wassermann Schultz a DNC operative.  But more sad is Bernie Sander’s sell out of his ideas and ideals to Hilary Clinton- a sell out that brought tears of genuine hurt to his followers and calls of outrage for his duplicity.

At the end of the day there was only one man standing to carry the burden for his Republican party and be the voice for the disenfranchised and oppressed middle class.  Mr. Donald Trump stood up, stood tall, and stood fast in the face of unrelenting attack.  And the patriots of the New American Revolution know it and they will speak up and spread the revolution.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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