Donald Trump?

“People respond to Donald Trump because he has tapped the anger that people are feeling about their leaders.” These are the words of a good friend of mine with extensive USA travel experience and a very large client list. He then said, “But I feel that Trump will prove to be someone who is really not to be taken seriously as a candidate for President, no matter his polling numbers.” I asked him why he felt that way? He replied that he thought people were reacting emotionally and sensationally to “The Donald” because they are very frustrated with their elected officials who they feel do not care about them. Somehow, Mr. Trump has convinced some people that he cares about  them…it is something personal..something visceral… He continued that in the end they will realize that the billionaire Trump cares very little about them and a very lot about himself.

This writer is also amazed that Mr. Trump is given any credibility.  However, there seem to be thousands who are chanting that they want him to be the Republican nominee for President. But, there are many others who sincerely doubt if Mr. Trump is a sincerely Republican candidate. For them, he is a phony candidate seeking to divide the Republican party in order to insure that the wife of his friend wins the election. Yesterday, a friend of mine who has a small plumbing business said that many of his customers are enjoying the entertaining ways of Mr. Trump, but they quickly follow that with their opinion that he will not be able to just “fire” the Congress, the Supreme Court and just about anybody who disagrees with him.

Sadly, his popularity and media depiction as a super mogul is detracting from real discussion and honest intellectual debate. The debate on the topics that are angering Americans should be presented in the public square. This presentation needs to be civil, courteous, and without slogans or cute but meaningless sound bites. Sound bites might curry the favor of the angry and disillusioned but they do not present any meaningful plan to address the real problems we are experiencing today.

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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