Just Stop the Bombs

Recently I saw a photo on the Internet showing ISIS terrorists in a parade of US military vehicles including tanks, armored personnel carriers, trucks, HumVees, and the like. The terrorists were dressed in the green US army camo uniform. Many carried US made Tow missile carriers, and other sophisticated US weapons. With the photos was a video of the parade of the terrorists through the town they had captured from the Syrian government. Please note that we were able to photograph and videotape the parade. It was at least a mile long and was manned by hundreds of terrorist drivers, militants and criminals. If we wanted to do something about ISIS this was our chance but the parade continued on its way with no terrorist ever in danger.
On the same day I saw a photo of a USA bombing raid on Damascus the civilian city and capital of Syria. It was reported that hundreds of civilians in the capital were killed or injured. It looked like the bombing was extensive and brutal. So, we bomb the capital city of the sovereign nation of Syria while we videotape the terrorist ISIS militants. Innocent people in the Capital die from our bombs but the bloody terrorist criminals are celebrating.
I think that B. Assad is a dictator, as was his father. I believe that his government, however, is recognized by 105 nations and had a seat in the United Nations General Assembly. I think an international business that wanted a contract for Syrian oil would get Assad’s signature and the contract would be considered legally binding and could be defended before the world court in Geneva.
So what gives us the right to bomb Assad? It is because the USA says he is a dictator and as our President said, “Must Go.” I guess, therefore, if we were fair, then if Assad said Obama is a terrorist who bombs innocent civilians in Damascus and therefore, “Must Go.” it would be okay for him to bomb Washington so as to get at B. Obama!? I guess there is no crime for either them or us. It’s just the business of Superpowers and nation states.
However, I do not remember reading that Assad or his government declared war on the USA. I do not remember Assad or his government attacking US military personnel at any time. I do not remember Assad arranging for bombs to go off in Washington. He does not bomb the USA embassy in Damascus. I think it would be fair to say that Syria and the Assad regime are not in any way a threat to the USA or USA international interests. So why are we bombing Assad? Why are USA bombs killing innocent Syrian civilians in the capital city?
The USA has not moved to remove the Assad government from the United Nations. It has not moved to have the 105 nations deny diplomatic recognition to the Assad government. The USA has not declared war on Syria. And the last time I looked, I think that the definition of criminal aggression is when one nation (USA) attacks a sovereign nation without provocation. Criminal aggression is a International war crime.
One more thing, there are many in the USA including venerable Charles Krauthamer of Fox News, who promote the idea of sending armaments and sophisticated weapons to the so called “Syrian Free army” in order thereby to topple the Assad government. The so called “Syrian Free Army” has been shown to have morphed from a groups of Syrian rebels with leadership in Paris, France, into a front group for Al Qaeda in Syria. It has also been shown that massive amounts, the guesstimate is 600,000 lbs of arms have been shipped to the “Syrian Free Army” but these were sold or given by them to ISIS. ISIS, in turn, uses these to invade Iraq, capture many Syrian cities, kill Christians and behead people, put people in cages and burn them to death and the like.
This writer says stop the bombs. Stop the massive arms shipments to ISIS. Stop the illegal criminal aggression against the Assad regime. Offer help to the hundreds of thousands of Christians displaced, persecuted, tortured and murdered by ISIS.
We toppled Hussein, what happened? ten thousand American dead and wounded and it is now a haven for ISIS. We toppled Mubarak. What happened? Eqypt was handed over to a leader of the Muslim brotherhood, a terrorist group and was becoming a haven for terrorists. But Egypt has a powerful national military and the Muslim brotherhood was toppled by Egyptians and is now ruled democratically by a religiously responsible activist Muslim leader. We toppled Qaddafi. What happened ? Chaos and Benghazi- an American Ambassador murdered as President Obama, and Hilary Clinton watched it on TV in the White House.
Stop the bombs. Stop the millions in funding to the so called Syria Free Army. Stop international military arms shipment to ISIS. Let’s see if these people, left to their own cannot solve their problems without interference from USA.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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