Christie’s Political Enemies Continue Attacks

The writer states at the beginning that “…New Jersey politics is a full contact sport…” Yes, it is.  No different from Obama politics with the buying of Senators to vote for Obama care.  No different from Hilary Clinton and the Benghazi scandal.  With Obama the nation is paying a huge price and forced to give up freedom of choice in healthcare.  With Hilary four great Americans are abandoned in a firefight and die.  And although this writer believes that it was not Christie personally who set up the traffic cones on a small access lane to a bridge, nonetheless, nobody died and its didn’t cost hundreds of billions of dollars.  Come clean news writers, reporting is a blood sport and you think you can take Christie down so to clear the field for Hilary.  Just another example of news media facilitating their favorites (Hilary)by destroying their rivals (Christie). PS..Hiliary will be 70 years old by 2016.  I am 66 and I have had enough of the old politicos.  Let’s move down to the forty and fifty years olds for our Presidents.  Enough with the geriatric Harry Reids and the old Senate crew.  Some of the elderly in the Senate are into their eighties!!! Pack it in boys, give somebody else a chance.

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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