This refrain by the USA is correctly criticized by the Russians.  Since the days of Obama Arab Spring speech in Egypt, all we have seen in the Middle East is an onward march by Muslim extremists backs by the CIA and NATO and now he wants the UN to do it for him.  From the beginning of his regime, Obama has played the Noble Peace prize while he has pursues wars in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria.  Surprizing, he has left intact the hereditary monarchs of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Arab Emirates.

Oil in all of these places or ease for the transport of oil is the underlying corporate play.  And Obama, who started at 900 thousands in personal wealth is approaching 12 millions.  How does he get it.  Through the “blind” trust set up for him by Warren Buffet, a frequent guest at the White House.  Warren Buffet who does not want the pipeline because it hurts his profits from the Burlington Northern Railroad.  Warren Buffet and friends who want to close coal nines in Kentucky and West Virginia, in favor of their oil and gas interests in Texas and the Dakotas.

At The Russia Foreign minister said, the Americans are fixated on Regime change.  He says that all the former imperialist and colonial powers of England and France want is for regime change.  All USA wants is regime change. How to get it?  He says the three unholy partners say, use force.  They want military intervention, bombs, missiles, troops on the ground under UN mandate.  So it is the USA that cries and continues to cry,  attack, attack.  We are definitely the war mongers in this case.

Previous articles on this blog has enumerated the case in favor of Libyan ruler Gaddafi.  Why, because he was the internationally recognized leader of the Libya, like the king of Saudi Arabia is.  I made the case in favor of Mubarak.  Why, because like the sultan of Arab Emirates, he was the UN recognized leader of his nation.  I make the same case for Assad.  Why, because if an international oil company wants to tap into the Syria oil, they must sign a contract with the leader of the Syrian people, Assad.

Some cynics will say this is politics Chicago style, because of Obama’s Chicago roots.  I call it arrogance and gangsterism when the USA wants to go around the world and pick and choose what governments it will play with and which ones have to be changed before we will play.  Oh, and leave your ball with us when you leave the same, Obama says, because we like YOUR ball and would rather play with it than with you.

In fairness to Obama, some will say that he is a novice playing in a big boys game.  They will point to the long Imperial colonial history of both France and England.  They will recall the bloody wars France fought in Vietnam and Algeria in order to force their imperial colonial will on the native people of those countries.  They will recall that England and France were the colonial powers responsible for the boundaries that are the mid-east today- boundaries that favor English and French corporate interests at great cost to the average persons in those countries.  They will tell you that where French and English people reside today in Africa, the locals are the servants and the white or half white elites are the rulers and beneficiaries of the local resources.  So, they will tell you it is not big bad Obama but those nasty imperialists.

But Obama is more than willing to play along with the French and English bullies.  Why, one can only wonder why the USA wants to join with them in order to advance their selfish corporate interests at the expense of the everyday citizens of those nations.  It can only be that Obama talks the talk of peace, peace, but secretly pushes his friends to cry war, war.  Sadly, the Russian Lavrov is again being shown that it is not only Hilary Clinton that lied to him, it is not only John Kerry who lied to him, it is the big boy in the white house who lied to him.

It is embarrassing, as a USA citizen to think that the world is seeing daily evidence that the USA cannot be trusted because its political leaders are liars.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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