Putin is a Friend of USA


I beg the reader to actually read the op ed from President Putin. 

First…please remember that the USSR was attacked by the USA during the Bolshevik revolution and that USA troops remained in Russia until 1921.

Second…please remember that USSR was devastated by the Nazi invasion of WW II costing about 20 million Russian lives and hundreds of billions in property damage.

Third…please remember the words of Gorbachev to George H.W, Bush when they met on the aircraft carrier and ended the cold war…it happened at Malta, when Gorbachev said, “we no longer regard you as our enemy.”   At first George H.W. Bush didn’t believe Gorbachev.

Fourth…Putin, is the freely elected leader of Soviet Union.. Although this election does not meet USA standards.  However, we need to note that in the last USA election, there were 19 precincts in Philadelphia that had zero votes for Romney.  We wonder, is that statistically possible??

Lastly, this writer suggests that President Putin has written a insightful, compassionate and considerate article regarding Syria.  Putin expresses his respect for the USA.  

As I read his OP Ed,  I sincerely appreciated President Putin’s desire for peace and for a continuation of fraternal relations with the USA. 

Friends, it is time we stop living in the cold war.  Gorbachev and George H,W. Bush ended that post WW II antagonism in Malta. 

Regarding President Obama, let us also remember that President Obama is the leader of the strongest nation in the world.  That he did not use that power to kill Syrians is not weakness but prudence.

Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin are wrong to be uncompromisingly critical of Obama.  Likewise, O Reilly and others are wrong to not respect  President Putin.   

The key solution that appears to this writer is the following:  this Syrian crisis has given to the people an opportunity to express our opinion about what should  or should not be done. 

Indeed, there are those elitists who say that “we the people” are not informed and should not have anything to say about American policy.  Well, friends, let Kerry and Mc Cain be the first to send their children or themselves to the war front. 

When war was proposed, our President and key congressional leaders all cheered.  But the American people said NO and they said it loudly. 

President Obama, who is the leader of the most powerful nation, turned aside from his advisors including Hilary and Kerry who advised war.  Obama used caution.  Thank you, Sir. 

Putin, who is the leader of the second most powerful nation, has previously and consistently advocated a peaceful solution.  Thank you sir. 

So.  Friends, let us resolve today to remember that the cold war is over.  Let us remember that democratic Russia is our friend.  And let us encourage President Obama and President Putin to continue friendly and frank dialogue that will promote an honest peace. 

So, what now?  Let us stop the  game of “who has the bigger one?”  and get on with the real issue of “How do we make a peace in the world that will be just and that will last?”


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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