USA Needs to Stay out of Syria

This article is a prime and potent example of why we should not attack Syria.  A missile, bomb or drone does not know the difference between the innocent and the guilty.  The bomb does not stop halfway to the target because it senses that there are innocent children there.  It just keeps on dropping until it blows up the target including the innocents who happen to be there.  The USA cannot lower itself to the level of the terrorists.

Congress must not support the Obama administration and an over zealous navy.  Sure, the Navy had a very small role in Afghanistan but they do not need to prove their value by attacking Syria from their ships.  Americans value their Navy and no amount of brazen aggression by the USA administration is needed to make us value them more.

To Mc Cain, Linsey Graham, Nancy Pelosi and congressman Ted Cruz:  Please stop your inane and insane posturing and calls for the USA military to participate in the wholesale killing , (can we say murder) of Syrians.  I heard our congressional representatives saying that they know for sure that the government of Syria used Chemical weapons.  Based on what?  They based it upon the CIA intel presented to them by the Obama administration.  This same administration came out today and said that it is an absolutely logical conclusion to assume that the government of Syria is responsible.  So?  Are we to bomb and kill Syrians based on assumptions  and logical conclusions.  Friends, we are talking about killing people!

I am embarrassed to refer my readers to the interview by V. Putin of Russia.  He called for conclusive proof that 1. The government of Syria ordered the gas attack.  2. That the regular army of Syria actually released the chemicals.  That is to me more democratic and reasonable.  Can it be that a former communist and KGB official is more democratic than the President of the USA.

President Obama.  Sir:  you said “no “to your cabinet officials who counseled immediate and devastating attacks on Syria.  You said “no” to those who advised you to go to war without Congressional approval.  Now, Sir, please say “no” to the assumption that the government of Syria is responsible and stand down the navy.  Withdraw our ships and stop CIA money payments and USA arms shipments to the Islamic rebels.  And at the same time, put the full diplomatic weight of the USA behind an effort to convince our friends in Russia and China that we are believable and willing to cooperate and collaborate with them to end the violence in Syria without demanding the ouster of the President of that sovereign nation.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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