If all of us can be rational for a minute, then we need to thank Russia for world peace.  The world peace prize needs to go to Vladimir Putin not Obama.  It was the French and the British who tricked NATO and the UN into forcing the legal Libya government of Gaddafi to be overthrown.  Not without a lot of help from Obama!! Why?  Who really knows?  But the oil of Libya is important to Britain and France.  And YES, (capitals intended) we really do need to remember the very dark Imperialist past of France and Britain.  It seems that their enslaving and mercantilist past is very much a present force in their politics.

The whole idea of the mid eastern Caliphate is a Muslim Brotherhood idea and is backed by the faction called Al Qaeda and maybe, in some convoluted way, by the Saudi Wahabi Islamic sect.  It also seems to play well with France and Britain.  But such a Caliphate is not in the best interests of Russia and the United States.  On this issue the Obama administration is blinded by President Obama’s Muslim background and by the Liberal Eastern Academic establishment’s idea that  such a Caliphate is a natural outcome of geopolitical reality. WRONG!!!

The overthrow of the legal governments of Libya and Egypt are directly related to the wrongly informed politics of Britain, France and the USA.  ALLOW ME to be very clear.  I sincerely and honestly believe in the self determination of the future of these nation States.  However, it may be that the self-determination of these nation States will be decided by their very unique ethnic, religious and cultural demographics and not be decided by Western European and USA ideas about how and what and why!!   What should such self determination reflect?  Let the peoples of the Arab and non-Arab Middle Eastern (SW Asia) determine their own fate without any involvement of the former Imperialist France and Britain and without the ill informed interference of Obama.

If the Sunni can win on their own, so be it.  If the Shiites can win on their own, so be it.  If the Wahabi sect can win, or the Taliban, or the Al Qaeda, the Ala alawhits, so be it!!

The Western European powers of former Imperialist nations like Belgium, France and Britain need to stay out.

That is the message that Vladimir Putin is sending out, not only to the West but also to the rebels in every region.  Namely, if you really have popular support and if you really represent the regional self interests of the people in your area, then we the Russians,  ARE REAdY AND WILLING TO DEAL WITH YOUR SUCCESS.  However, if you are merely the puppets of the French, British, Belgian, znd USA Imperialist powers of the New World Order, then we, the Russians, and joined by our Chinese counterparts, we stand against you’

Friends, the Russians and the Chinese are right.  Stay out of these regional, cultural, Muslim conflicts.  Align yourself with the unfettered winner and all will be well with the world.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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