Hilary Clinton is an Old Woman


It is time for those of us, and I too am 65, to give over and let the younger generation have a time at bat.  This is why I am appalled by those who want to run Hilary Clinton in 2016.  By then she will be 70 and frankly, although I too, do not think of myself as old, nonetheless, she and I are old, and it is time to give over the world to our children.

Regarding Benghazi, it seems to me that she should just move on and be a grandmother.  Her last grandstand is merely a revenge tactic against fellow citizens who do not agree with her view of what happened and what we can do about it.  She is merely trying to focus attention upon her critics and not upon the facts.  And this is doubly egregious since her whole speech is about the real world and the facts.  Yet, she is spinning about others and ignoring the false information from President Obama about the video, and the false talking points from some bogey man in the CIA, and the false statements on national television by the USA UN ambassador, and the weeks of administration insistence upon the video and the mob.

Mrs. Clinton lashes out at others as being not realistic, while she and the Obama administration attempted to blind fold the American public to the facts of Benghazi and her own and President Obama’s failure to treat the attack realistically.  She, and Obama, and the joint chiefs and the CIA and the FBI were all watching the events as they were happening.  It is the same as watching a person on a public street being attacked by a gang of four knife wielding crooks and doing nothing about it.  Because that is what she and President Obama did, they watched it happen, did nothing about it and went to bed as our citizens were tortured and brutally murdered at our embassy in Libya.

Mrs. Clinton should not be allowed to escape the verdict of the people that she and President Obama failed, and that they covered up by lying to the Press and the American people.  Both she and all involved should not be allowed to turn the tables on her accusers.  She and President Obama were in charge, our military was at the ready and it was Mrs. Clinton and President Obama who failed to grasp the gravity of the real life situation and instead waited for some kind of magical solution as they watched our citizens die in Benghazi.

This writer is not a Clinton hater and I know that many admire Mrs. Clinton for standing by her man during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  Nonetheless, Benghazi is something that we cannot ignore in an attempt to “honor” a spurned wife.  Some would ask why I bring up the impeachment over the Lewinsky scandal.  Some would ask why I bring up Mrs. Clinton’s own evaluation and scathing criticism of Obama when she was running against him.  I do it because history is real and no amount of good intentions or fervor in favor of a particular person should blind us to the facts.  In fact, Mrs. Clinton’s parting speech says the same thing.  However, she wants to apply the rules to others but not to herself.  Well, friends, that is not real.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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