Obama is Not a Dictator



“But the president indicated that his patience is provisional. He laid out principles he said should be reflected in any comprehensive immigration-reform legislation, and he said that if lawmakers get bogged down bickering, he’ll act.”

Obama is not a dictator.  He is an elected president.  His election is according to the law and it is under the rule of the law.  We need to remind our young reporters of this fact.  It seems that they very much want to give him dictatorial power. Or they want a daddy.  Maybe all young college educated reporters want the tyranny of the classroom Professor to remain in their lives forever.  Whatever is it, it is annoying to read news reporters using language in describing the President that casts him in the above mentioned roles.

The facts of our national law, however, are in the way of the unmerited enthusiasm of our young reporters who want to grant Mr. Obama power that he does not possess.  Hopefully, the rest of the nation sees this and will not fall into the Obama mania crowd.

Mr. Obama’s bellicose pronouncements and threats to the US Congress are actually the rants of someone who thinks of himself as the law or above the law.  These kinds of statements are not mere politics such as one might use to influence the decision-making of the 595 elected officials of the US Congress.  Rather, they are cast in the language of threat and they are meant to convey a threat.  He is saying that either they act of he will do whatever he wants to do, and he will do it whether or not he has the power to do so.

President Obama does not respect the Congress of the USA and by extension, he does not respect the people of the nation because they are the ones who elected the Congress.  His threats indicate a person who still believes that America should be thankful that he is willing to allow himself to rule over us and if we don’t recognize that, it is we who are wrong.

There is a Constitutional process in place for Mr. Obama to influence the House of Representatives and the Senate.  It is called proposal of legislation.  That means that he has his staff actually write down proposed legislation, submit this legislation to the House and Senate through his surrogates and let them debate the issues.  The second is to use the threat of a veto of proposed legislation to influence the Congress.

Mr. Obama does not work within the system.  He thinks that he is supposed to say something and it is to be done.  He thinks that he is supposed to give a speech and that is the same as proposal of legislation.  In order words, he wills it to be done, like some kind of Czar and everyone else is to bow down, says yes your majesty, and then go out and do exactly as he says to do.

But the USA is a Republic and not a monarchy.  It is also not a dictatorship with a merely phony Congress.  The USA is a Constitutional democracy ruled by laws and Mr. Obama is not outside of nor above those laws.  So, although the process may be tedious and at times it may make mistakes, ultimately, its is the will of the people as expressed by the people’s elected Representatives in the Congress.  If Mr. Obama wants to get things done, he should work harder at the actual writing of legislation and he should be more cooperative in working with the Congress and not against it.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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