Russia is Friend of Syrian Peace

The rebels are armed by secret USA, British and French arms shipments.  Look at map, These three nations are very far away from Syria.  Russia is right next door.  So the Russians are rightfully more interested in Syria than the rest.  The talk on these pages is as though the cold war was not over.  What do all those without sons and daughters in our military want…More war?  The Russians have been very clear.  Stop the secret arming of the rebels.  Stop the millions of dollars of pay to the rebels.  Stop trying to overthrow the government of Syria by international State sponsored terrorism, which is what such funding and arming of the rebels actually is,  Then the Russians will support transition from Assad and international UN sponsored free elections in Syria.  From the beginning, it has been the Russians who have pursued peace. The NATO allies, France, Britain and USA  have pursued war.  First, we helped overthrow our ally Mubarak, than Gaddafi, and now Assad.  If Russia tried to overthrow the governments of Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama, we would be screaming about it, rattling our swords and threatening World War.  The way to stop the terrible bloodshed is for USA to affirm our commitment to peace. If USA State sponsored terrorism against Syria was stopped, the rebels would retreat.  The Assad Regime would stop defending itself.  The people would live and many innocent children would be ensured parents into the future.

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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