Anita Hill and Hollywood

The film’s angle, said the director after the screening, is all about “looking at the next generation of people, looking at the next generation of issues and getting it right,” in terms of gender inequality.
The director the film is telling us HIS problem.  The people of the USA had it right then and have it right now.  We, the people are for each other and as the saying goes we “have each other’s back.”  It is the Hollywood crowd that has it all wrong.  They think of themselves as “Stars” or as “Very talented” or as the ‘Hollywood Royalty’  or the “Elite”.  Actually, they are actors and actresses making a living by performing for other people’s entertainment much like an automobile worker makes cars or a garbage person takes away the trash.  No better and no worse.  However, to hear them tell it, we, the people have it wrong regarding our values and they are going to show us the error of our ways and point us to the brightness of their light.  (Funny, how they attack religion as being preaching when what they do, day and night, is preach, preach, preach.)  For them, there are the super stars, the super rich, the super successful.  For them, there are the “has beens, the B grade” actors and actresses.  For them, there are those who are sought after and those who are shunned.  Their inordinate pride is amazingly self-centered and therefore fundamentally narrow and most of the time unwarranted.  Yes, we the people got it right years ago during the hearing for Clarence Thomas who was the first Black man to become a Justice of the Supreme Court and who was set upon by the bigotry of Senator Kennedy and his cabal of cronies in the Senate.  And we get it right every day as we live, work and socialize with each other down here in the lowlands where the PEOPLE actually live.  By the way, Mr Director, who set you up as the teacher who is going to show the rest of us how to get it right?  Take a look at your own house first.  How many women are Directors of movies, or heads of production studios?  It seems to me that Hollywood’s Directors are predominantly white males, and that Hollywood administrative structures are exclusively white males.

By the way, Anita looks fabulous in the photo.  Good for her and we are all glad she made a success of her life.  However, sadly, she very publically tried to make a disaster of another person’s life.  Funny that Justice Thomas, whose wife is white, should have been accused by the Kennedy cabal of being a sexist and racist?!  For some perspective on those we once called our leaders, read Killing Kennedy by Bill O Reilly concerning John and Robert Kennedy.  Sections of it also treat of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his deeds of self-indulgence in the dark.  The book is very factual, and very enlightening concerning those who would accuse others of misdeeds.  The book restates an old adage that those who accuse others are probably doing it themselves and even worse than those they accuse.

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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