Romney Foreign Policy based on Strength and Negotiation

The comments here that Romney will dictate to Russia are shallow.  Of course Romney, as does Obama, uses two-minute sound bites to tell complicated stories.  The Romney premise is that Obama is not sophisticated enough with Russia and allows Putin to unduly influence our decisions on Middle East.  The key line from the Romney Foreign affairs speech was that a robust military is a deterrent to war.  But it is not just having a military but a consistent foreign policy that will convince our adversaries we will not be shy about protecting our national interests and our ambassadors.  Remember, Romney has dealt with several of the most powerful entities in USA, namely; Big Corporations, Big Labor Unions and Big Banks.  He knows that one cannot bully them.  His record shows that he can convince them to cooperate and collaborate because he is a unifier and an achiever who shows them all that he can get the job done.  Because they believe in his ability and his proven record these big entities are willing to work together because it is in their interests to have him succeed.  This will be true of the Democrats working with the Republicans in a Romney administration.  Romney will not allow Harry Reid to get away with a “dead on arrival” policy in the Senate.  Romney will not broadcast that any law he doesn’t like will be automatically vetoed if it gets past the Senate.  Unlike Obama who encourages Harry Reid and who’s policy is to veto or circumvent the Congress, all the while pointing his finger at them and blaming them for the stalemate, Romney will be persistent in getting the work of the nation done by working with and not against the Congress. It is different from the scolding, finger waging and philosophical/political  speeches of the Obama administration.  We need a known achiever in the leadership of our nation. Romney is the man.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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