Christie’s Speech Successfully sets the Key Theme for Next Four Years.

Gov. Christie’s speech was excellent.  He stated what he was not going to do, namely blatantly bash Pres. Obama. All of the Governors had done a thorough job of that.  He said he was not looking to the past and he didn’t. He spoke to the key theme at the end of the night, leadership.  He laid out the keynote which was the Republican party’s ideas are the answer to the big problems and Mitt Romney is the leader with leadership experience big enough to get the job done.  Christie’s speech can be seen as the final paragraph of the message that was forcefully presented throughout the night, namely, America is a great country of great people.  Those people are not silly children clinging to their guns and Bibles.  They know we have big problems and they require straight talk from leaders and they will respond.  He said,  government workers and tax re distribution are not the answer.  The way to get out of our spiral down is to work together as Americans.  And Yes, we can.  His examples followed all of the Governors before him who described the problems in their States (most the size of or bigger than whole nations in Europe) and the Governors then told the story of their success in leading the people out of debt and high unemployment into a brighter and bigger future.  Christie was not talking to the Mitt Fans, or those who want only to repeat Obama’s gross mistakes.  He spoke to the nation of hope and change we can believe in.  Why believe it?  Because he and all the governors before him have achieved it and Mitt Romney will deliver it at the Federal level. 

To the instant critics of his speech, I suggest you take at step back from what you expected.  And to those who wanted Governor Christie to say only what they wanted, and only in the form they wanted it,  ask yourselves, why he would do that!  He had a job to do and he did it excellently.  New Jersey and the Republican party should be proud of him and his speech because it spoke to the heart of the nation’s need.  We need plain talk and strong leadership which inspires confidence that we are able to move forward successfully into the future.  And this speech carefully and powerfully communicated that Republican ideas and Republican leadership will provide that leadership.

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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