American Currency Downgrade

I get a lot of Email concerning the issue of American currency downgrade.  Porter Stansberry has predicted it for a long time.  I have read his warnings and watched the news for a year now and it seems that his predictions are coming true, incrementally.  This is natural because you would not consider that the world’s powerful would allow you and me to get out before they can fortress themselves against what they are about to do.  Now Leeb agrees.  I am seeing a consensus tendency in Gue.  So I thought to send this copy of Leeb’s presentation out for your information.  My previous sending of information from my Thrivent for Lutherans representative was very highly received and doubled my readership.  Beware!!, I am not a financial advisor and do not recommend anything (caveat required) but I do want to share with you the stuff I get in my Email that I think is of significance for your consideration.  And Yes, I do support Romney and Ryan becuase I think these are two of the brightest and best financial people we have today who are willing to go out and be heckled and smeared in order to lead us out of the morass of our 15 trillion dollar debt before it is too late.  And when all of this happens, classs warfare will be meaningless because the super wealthy will also have fortresses and the middle class will already hav e be duped into its’ own self destruction by the politics of jealousy, hate and division.   No matter your politics, however, I think the information regarding the possible financial destruction of US dominance in world trade is very inportant for all of us to read.  Please click and consider.

Hi Reader,

Listen up – I’ve finally found it… A simple, low-risk
investing strategy that you can milk like a cash cow.

And you don’t have
to have a huge portfolio to get started.

But you just may have one soon,
following this one easy strategy.

Listen to this
presentation I’ve prepared that will walk you through it.

Look, we’re
facing a multitude of threats in the next six months. The dollar will be
challenged like never before. With the chaos that will be created by the fiscal
cliff, taxmageddon, and a new debt ceiling crisis… you need a clear-cut method
to make you money.

This simple strategy will cut through the volatility,
because it works under all market conditions.

Just stay focused on this
low risk, easy tactic, and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

View this presentation

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