Did Robert’s Betray the Majority?

http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/power-players-abc-news/did-chief-justice-roberts-save-supreme-court-103301790.html  The core of this article is that John Roberts, Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court may have changed his opinion at the last-minute and joined the Obama Liberals to rewrite and uphold the Obama health care law which Justice Roberts called a Tax.  We will probably not know the answer but if his change of decision was last-minute and if it was merely to save the reputation of his tenure as Chief Justice, then he should resign.  Why?  Because a Supreme Court Justice should not, for purely personal reasons, change his convictions and his impartial judgement concerning the constitutionality of a law.

I am not a lawyer and I have not read the rationale of the ruling.  However, as a person with a reasonable mind, as the ruling was announced on TV I thought that Roberts wanted to save Obama.  Now, I understand that the article says he wanted to save his court.  It is bad enough, for him to save his court at  great financial cost to the nation.  But, I would add, that since the inauguration, when Robert flubbed the Oath of Office, he has been very sensitive to Barrack Hussein Obama as being the first black President.  When a man makes a silly mistake like the flubbing of the oath, he has a subconscious desire to “make it up to the other person”.  This could even be a subliminal urge that cannot be accounted rational.  It is instead highly personal and the non rational nature of Justice Roberts decison to uphold Obama care based on Robert’s use of the word tax as opposed to penalty evidences his need to make things right with The Man.  Very sadly, the entire nation must live with the foible of one white man’s need to ingratiate himself to a black man.  AND before you get all racist against my calling white and black, please remember the Congressional Black Caucus walkout, Eric Holder’s racism accusations against the entire House of Representative and starting with the Cambridge police incident, Barrack Obama’s statements that the white cops acted stupidly.  For any accusers, here is my take.  I now believe that it is in the best interests of America to talk about race frankly.  Therefore, when black Americans are allowed to consistently, persistently and regularly use the race card against white Americans, it is fair game for the White Americans to do the same to them. Maybe with a new frankness, we can finally get past the inordinate power given to black americans because it is held that only they can use the race card and no one else.  It is so stupid that as soon as a writer, like myself, points out black versus white, it is always regarded by our politically correct culture as being the white person who is racist.  Can a black person be racist?  Well, enough of that because it really is something that should not be necessary in a cultured, civilized and educated society.

Back to Roberts.  Could it be that the Chief Justice decided at the end to abandon the majority because he wanted to save Obama. The article seems to indicate that the opinion of Minority was actually written as the opinion of the “then” majority.  Could Robert’s have played the Judas at the last-minute?  Is that the reason for Justice Kennedy’s strident assertion in dissent that the Chief Justice changed the law and thereby actually revised it in order to make it constitutional?  Obviously, revision of a law is the prerogative of the House and Senate and not of the Court.

Another possibility- Could Robert’s have thought that he was saving the Congress and defending them in their legislative function.  If that is the case, then he legislated from the bench in order to save the legislature.  That is twisted to say the least.  But also stupid because the Dissent indicated that they were willing to strike down the whole law. This would have delivered the nation from the tyranny of a law which was purchased from Nebraska, from Louisiana, from Missouri and from Wisconsin with bribery,  a bribery using US tax dollars against the will of its citizens.

There is a cry from the Democrats that only now must we move on and leave things as they are.  This is pure politics.  There are good reasons for taking the fight against Obama care back to the legislature.  Not least of which is the Brief submitted by 26 State governments opposing the implementation of the tax.  Since Robert’s has declared the “mandate” to be a tax, the powers of the House and Senate are affirmed and the House can exercise those powers by constant attempts to repeal this unfair, unpopular and flawed tax.  Of course, the House will need to get past the uncompromising blockade established by Senator Harry Reid, Democrat from Nevada, who has declared all such proposed legislation to be “dead on arrival” and therefore not even to be considered by the Democrat Senate.

I said at the beginning that if the reasons enumerated here are true, then Chief Justice Roberts should resign.  I retract that opinion.  If they are true, let him repent of personal prejudice and confess, at least to himself.  The nation is not served by a obsequious Supreme Court  whose Chief Justice is afraid of the Black man in the White House and therefore is willing to abandon values, judgement and therefore Justice in order that The Man would not scold him.  Because, if that is the actual reason he decided as he did, then the Supreme Court is very severely damaged in the view not only of the partially informed public but of the legally trained who can only regard such a ruling as flawed beyond belief.

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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