Media Undermines Supreme Court  I can only come to one conclusion, namely that the writer and her parent organization intend to undermine the authority of the Supreme Court.  It is sad that in our day we are seeing the major vehicles for democracy instead undermining the very democracy that allows them to flourish.  The writer of this blog is a product of 1960’s and 70’s American education and popular culture.  Reflecting on it, I see that the key theme of that education and culture was to debunk the very society that was the foundation of freedom.  Lately, I am seeing a resurgence of that debunking, only this time, it is not the hippies and yuppies.  It is the main stream public press that has decided to hold American political and public institutions up for ridicule.  This, of itself,  might be seen as a core part of a free press, however, the free press is revealing itself to be extremely partisan and supportive of one political party over another.  I believe that the public media is constantly attempting to undermine anything in our society that could unseat Barrack Obama.  Not a conspiracy, indeed.  But, it is a culture of selective reporting and deep editing that allows the news organizations to portray, for instance, the US Congress as a blocker of the progressive Obama agenda.  However, the broad brushed phrase, “the US Congress” is an editorial against the House of Representatives while subtly excusing the Senate.  A cursory read would have us believe that the whole Congress is a do nothing institution.  However, the House of Representatives has worked very hard to make budgets and pass them, to formulate legislation and pass it and to attempt every day to act in response to the needs of the nation.  But each effort is stopped, stonewalled or declared “dead on arrival” by the Senate.  Significance?  House =Republicans.  Senate = Democrats.  Therefore the broad brush of the Press organizations blames everything on the Congress, seldom mentioning the achievements of the House and the total dereliction of duty by the Senate.  The cited article above in another form of main line Press and Internet attempts to influence public opinion against a branch of government, namely, the Supreme Court.  Why?  Because of the perception that the Court may find ObamaCare unconstitutional.  Therefore, let’s publish derogatory articles depicting the court as unfavored and out of touch so that people can ridicule the soon to be announced decision on the President’s “signature” legislation.  Now, even this would not be too bad, if like Fox network and others, the press explained that its reporting was actually propaganda and talk radio like opinions.  But when the media portrays its articles as factual and worthy of the title News, this writer feels they are being disingenuous. And that’s a memo!!

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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