Paul Krugman’s Comments A Fraud?–abc-news-politics.html  Maybe it is not Mr. Krugman’s analysis that is fraud.  Maybe it is the reporting.  What this article says is that Mr. Krugman’s opinion is that Representative Ryan’s plan is not a plan and that President Obama’s plan is a plan.  Now to say that Rep. Ryan’s plan is a fraud is to say that the Ryan plan is based on lies.  Mr. Krugman tried to disarm his own biting criticism by saying that he is not personally attacking Mr. Ryan, but that he is just saying that the plan Mr. Ryan put forward is a fraud.  I think a fraud is a lie and therefore a person who puts forth a fraud is a liar.  Is that reasoning flawed?  I am just trying to get to the facts and not the spin.  Then we read that Mr. Krugman is in favor of the Obama plan.  He says that is a plan he understands.  He does not comment on the validity of the Obama plans numbers, approach or process.  So, I take it he likes the plan.  So, what we have here is a report about Mr. Krugman saying he doesn’t like the Ryan plan and therefore Mr. Ryan’s plan is a fraud and by inference, Mr. Representative Ryan is a liar.  And that Krugman likes the President’s plan and therefore Mr. Obama is not a liar.  Seems to me that the liar and fraud here is Mr. Krugman, who makes broad accusations against a U.S. Congressman and excuses the President.  How to solve this?  Take Mr. Obama’s own words to heart and instead of name calling and innuendo just say plainly, I, (Mr. Klugman) do not agreed with the Ryan plan for this and that (specific) reason and I agree with the Obama plan for this and that reason.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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