What’s With the Gay Thing?

http://news.yahoo.com/jim-parsons-gay-10-relationship-213706907.html First the disclaimer:  I do not hate gays, actually, I try not to hate anyone.  Second: I do not know the fellow featured in this article and I do not wish him any ill.  Third: I do not care what his sexual habits are!

I titled this article as a question because I am getting confused as to the passionate desire of our culture to snoop into other people’s private lives.  Why are we fixated on the bedroom?  We are not fixated on the potty.  At least I do not think we are interested in what this fellow uses to wipe his ass.  If he or any  heterosexual person engages in sex, I really do not care what lubricant they use or which brand of condom.  Yet, we get all hyped up to know that any particular male person engages in anal sex or oral sex with another male and we are thrilled that it is a ten-year long process.  At least that is the breathless way this article is written.  I read it because I wanted to know what is the fuss?  And reading it I felt dirty, as though I was peeking into their bedroom and watching them conjoin. As I write this, there are probably hundreds of people in my town engaging in various forms of sex. So what! I mean really, folks, this fixation with Gays is adolescent.

And just one more thing.  Again, the disclaimer, ( it seems we always need to defend ourselves these day), I do not care about the sexual habits of others.  Yet, I wonder what it is that our society and its voyeuristic culture wants to promote.  You see, I am able to write this blog and this man is able to have a ten-year relationship with another man because we had a father and mother.  We were not born because we had father and father.  Females are absolutely essential for the continuation of the species.  And although Hilary Clinton thinks that it takes a village to raise a child, it starts with sex between a man and women and then a family.  Yes, the family is faulty but so is the community.  It is time to stop acting like twelve-year-old with binoculars peering into this handsome man’ or that beautiful woman’s bedchamber.  And in so doing, let’s get away from the grunt and sweat of sex and pay attention to things that enhance our communities, like Art, Science, Literature, and even Religion and Philosophy.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

One thought on “What’s With the Gay Thing?”

  1. Being gay isn’t just about sex, it’s about a variety of things amongst which is minority status. The mention of his sexual orientation is an effort to counter the many anti-gay myths oft-promoted by conservative extremists. Not so much about sex but about variety.

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