Wrong math?

Thank you to the commenter who corrected my math by pointing out that we pay taxes on income so that if Senator Lautenberg increased his taxes to 55 % of income then he would still be richer year after year.  The writer also commented that I probably pay too much taxes.  I might, but I am comfortable with taxes as they are now because I actually do feel that taxes are a requirement for living in this great and wonderful USA. However, I don’t like giving the government additional powers over my life, and taxes are one way for governments to exert power.  It may not be one persons fault, Obama, because under our present understanding of government, taxes are used to employ people. These many millions in positions of government authority want job security and for them taxes on everybody so that they can be government employees may seem the right thing.  This includes pensioners and Social Security and Disability recipients. But I do not think of employment as a primary objective of taxes.  I think that we need to limit government’s control over the individual and that includes the wealthiest among us.  Specifics?  Actually, I could list mine and say that I am right.  But then, you would list the opposite position and say it is right.  So, there is an impasse.  However, at least for now, we still have a Congress and an independent judiciary and both are benevolent.  So my fears are allayed and I am secure.  But I will remain vigilant to safeguard the freedoms enjoyed in the USA.  And granted, nothing, even freedom, can be absolute.  But any curtailment should be through vibrant and even  very robust public debate with the decisions made in open meetings, (no back room politics please) and with a rule that the separation of powers be not only respected but demanded by the electorate.  A long way from wrong math?  Yes, but my stream of consciousness writing style took me there.  And such fault, if it be a fault, is not Obama’s and not George Bush’s.  It’s mine!

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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