Senators Are Old and Wealthy This article points us to two facts, the Senator from New Jersey is very wealthy and 88 years old.  I am not prejudice against either situation.  I want to get old and be healthy as is Senator Lautenberg and I want to be a 48 millionaire like him.  To his credit, the Senator made his money by hard work, entrepreneurial acumen and vision.  Very good qualities indeed and ones to be held up for imitation.  However, the Democrat President Obama has declared class warfare against the wealthy.  In his book he speaks forcefully against the avarice and greed of white Americans.  In his public statement Democrat Obama has spoken repeatedly against the wealthy saying that they must be taxed a lot more, their tax-free foundations abolished and their tax exemptions closed.  But does Senator Lautenberg agree and does it matter if he does.  I should think that people like the Senator are needed in the private sector to create companies like ADP and to lead job creation.  That is not done by Senators voting on Gay marriage and Pro Abortion and trade bills that make America less competitive in our world.  If he agrees with Obama and the so-called Buffet rule then he should voluntarily write very big checks to the US government and I would suggest, renounce his pay, perks, and pension for surely he needs none of them.  But does he agree that the wealthy are to be maligned and that a federal policy of “leveling the playing field” would best benefit the nation?  Well, let’s just say that as a very liberal Democrat who seems to wholeheartedly support the Obama agenda, Senator Lautenberg writes an additional 20% check to the IRS.  So we take 48 million and reduce it by 9.6 million.  How much is left? Let’s round it to 38 million.  Can Mr. Lautenberg live on that.  Yes, he can.  So the next year he does it again.  This time the check will be for 7.6 million bring him down to 30 million.  Next year it is 6 million bring him down to 24 million.  Then it is 4.8 million bring him to 19.  Then it is 3.8 leaving 15 million.  Then to 3 million making him a twelve millionaire.  Senator Lautenberg may agree to such a reduction in his wealth but it would still be a private matter and he would end up after a mere six years as only 1/4 of what he had to start.  Some readers will say,”good.”! But should that process be applied to all people with over 250  thousand dollars in wealth?  Should it be applied to your bank account or stock fund or 401 K or inheritance?  If it is good for one, say Senator Lautenberg, then it should be fair to apply it to everybody.  So, the question is,  Are you willing to be worth only 1/4 of what you are  worth today.  Now, philosophically, you may say “Yes.”.  But remember, Senator Lautenberg still ends up with 12 million.  If it is you, what do you end up with?  I will not do the math for you but I will suggest that although the formula is the same, you, at 250 thousand, will end up with not enough to pay for you childs junior college in state tuition.  So there is a difference.

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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