Obama Administration Lies Again.

http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/obama-administration-denies-role-arming-syrian-rebels-232112058.html  How can we ever believe the Obama Administration?!  Please note that in the USA we consider the government to belong to the people.  The present managers of the government are called the administration.  I think this is true of Western European Democracy in general.  For instance, the Queen of England is the Head of State and the Prime Minister is the manager of the government.  However,  the Obama administrators seem to think of themselves as being the government and the citizens as being the enemy.  That is why the lie to us constantly, try to work around and not with the Congress and are persistent in undermining the foundations of our system of governing.  Happily, more and more of the main stream media like the Washington Post, and the New York times are taking their journalism seriously and have stopped pandering and covering up for the first black president in US history.  Now they are reporting the facts as they have always known them to be and the facts tell us a story of a government that consistently lies to its people.  Jay Carney, the spokesperson for the Obama back room cronies, is constantly disingenuous and plays with words trying to tell us that gray is red and orange is really not a primary color,  So what, Mr. Carney, aiding the rebels with …communications equipment that we know they will need when they have achieved the objectives we want and expect… is just a polite way of saying that we back the rebels against the government of Syria and that we are covertly Partisans in a covert operation to topple the Assad government.  Are we really so self-righteous that we think we can aid and assist rebels to kill legal police, army and government officials of a sovereign nation and use bombs to cripple the Syrian national infrastructure, while claiming in public that we back UN peace plan?  The legal government of Syria has every right to defend itself against outside provocateurs and instigators of internal violence in the same way that we defend against those we claim are terrorists.  Would not the USA government attack those who tried by force to overthrow the Obama administration?  Why does the United Nations condemn member governments that try to maintain stability within their internal boundaries?  Why doesn’t the International Criminal Court in the Hague indict the USA for criminal aggression and crimes against humanity when it is our assistance that fosters, promotes and sustains criminally violent behavior?  Strangely and surprisingly it is V. Putin and the government of Russia that stands as defender of the integrity and sovereignty of Syria while it is Obama and the USA that is attacking that nation with the intention of installing a puppet USA friendly government in Damascus.  And as for War Hawk and Monger Mc Cain.  I should think that he would abhor war since he is a victim of it.  Instead, he seems to promote war and destruction at every opportunity.  Shame on him.

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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