Romney being helped by the Voters  I really like this story and I appreciate the reporting skills of the reporter.  I also appreciate the editors who allowed this wonderful story to be published.  The key ingredient for me was that the voters are helping Romney.  I served in the US Army for thirty years and we had a slogan which I think was the best.  It said, “Be All that You Can Be!”  The essence of the slogan was that a person had personal traits that distinguished them from others.  These were the traits of the individual’s personal success.  The Army was not going to give these traits to the soldier.  He or she already had the traits.  The Army would release them, nurture them, and focus them so that the individual could “Be All that They Could Be.”  In this article about Governor Romney, we see that the voters see within the man unique character traits that they want him to release.  Therefore, the people in the audiences are happy when he allows himself to be himself.   Reading the article, I too, found this side of Governor Romney delightful.  However, I am in favor of Romney not because of his likeability, we had that with candidate Obama and we elected a likeable ideologue who seeks to fundamentally change the USA.  I am sure the supporters of Franco, Salazar, Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin all convinced themselves that their leaders were  likeable.  But we know them as tyrants.  I am in favor of Romney because of his experience as a Governor, entrepreneur, and very successful businessman.  The USA is a nation in need of a lover of the USA who wants to restore our great business system instead bashing it and the captains of its industry.  For myself, I intuited that the man Romney was a man of faith, a husband to a sick wife, and a father to well-adjusted children.  I thought it to be obvious and I was not surprised that candidate Romney was all business during business hours.  Frankly, that is what I want in my President, a leader who knows how to work.  I could care less about his basketball picks or his golfing skills.  And to the latest jab that Romney built an elevator in his mansion.  Good for him.  He spent his own money, thereby helping the manufacturer, wholesaler, and installers plus all the ancillary producers of the expensive product.  And Obama?  He spends 179 thousand dollars of taxpayer money every time he takes the nation’s jet, US One,  to his personal campaign fund-raising events.  It is time for a change in Washington and it is this writers hope that Romney will choose Rep. Paul Ryan as his Vice President.  Why?  Because although the Presidency of the Senate is largely ceremonial, there is nonetheless, enough power in that position to allow Ryan’s economic genius to flourish as he gets significant financial and economic programs through a “dead on arrival” Harry Reid slaughterhouse.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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