17 Trillion Obamacare Costs Discovered

http://news.yahoo.com/another-17-trillion-surprise-found-obamacare-133210667.html  Put simply, this insane spending bill must be repealed by the Congress and better and smaller bills passed.  This 2700 page legislation brings disaster.  If we elect a new Senate this Fall and the new Senators are committed to repealing Obama care entirely and then starting over to sanely approach our nation’s medical care needs, we will be better off as a country.  The downfall of the USSR was because they could no longer afford the enormous expenses of the cold war, of a large standing military and the wasteful communist economic system.  Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland, although much smaller countries suffered from over spending and without massive outside help would have destroyed their economies.  There is no one, not even the Chinese, who will help the USA get out of the tens of trillions of spending under Obama care.  So, add it all up and the end of USA is near, not in an apocalyptic earthquake but in an economic self-destruction. Since the gridlock in the USA is caused by a Senate leadership that refuses to allow the Republican House of Representative to pass a budget, and since the leader of the Senate has consistently declared all Republican sponsored solutions to the nation’s needs to be “dead on arrival,” we need to give the Republican party a majority in the Senate in order to get out of the do nothing state of affairs caused by a President who says that he wants to rule without the consent of Congress and a Senate that blocks all Republican attempts to solve our nation’s problems.  By the way, the House of Representative defeated the Presidents proposed budget for the fourth time.  The latest vote was 414 against.  That says a lot about the foolishness of Obama’s proposal and the sincerity of the House of Representatives.  The Senate also consistently turned down the Obama proposed Budgets.  But the Senate also has consistently turned down House budgets.  The bottleneck to progress seems to be the White House and the Senate.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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