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Amid all the political shouting and the radical fundraising of Sharpton and Jackson, can we at least agree that the shooting of Trayvon Martin was a true tragedy?  Very sadly, a young person lost his life. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can correct that event.  My prayers, as a fellow human being, a father and a grandfather, are offered for the family.  My prayers also extend to the shooter.  Yes, he is accused.  Yes, he is suspect. And yes, the situation at the moment of fire is unclear.  Nonetheless, the whole event is out of a horror movie.  There are no excuses here.  I am not in any way trying to downplay the full dark tragedy of this moment in time.  However, I do hope to use this event for growth, for healing and in order to advance beyond race, hate, and prejudice.

Frankly, I am not clear how this all works out.  However, we have a 17 year old boy whose racial understanding maybe have been poison and an older hispanic man whose cultural understanding may have been equally poison. 

What may have been the poison?  May I suggest the poison of class and race? May I suggest the poison of the haves versus the have-nots? May I suggest the poison that comes from the top, namely, the President of the USA who accuses the Massachusetts police, who apologizes to the world concerning USA, and who likens Trayvon Martin to his own (would be) son. 

Why is racism only a White to Black phenomenon?  Can racism be Black toward White?  Can it be Hispanic toward Black? Can it be immigrant toward citizen?  (Although, we are really all immigrants!)

I am sad.  I believe that you are sad.  It is a sad day for America.  Trayvon is dead.  George Zimmerman lives but what is his life now? 

 Some take to the streets, and some, like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, don’t really care, as long as the funding letter goes out and the money rolls in.  But the rest of us are sad.  Why? Because this really does not need to happen.  Because we can rise above petty disputes concerning money and property.  Because we can see through the illusion of color and ethnicity.  If we have the will.

Very, and I repeat, very sadly, our President has decided to throw his support in favor of a continuation of stereotypical racism and ethnic hatred.  President Obama is not a solution to the problem.  He is at least a symptom and at most a cause. 

There probably will be a court room scene for this sad happening.  A judge will preside and a jury will decide.  But you and I, the greater society, must also decide.  Can we at least agree that this was a true American tragedy?  Can we grieve over this sad event as a caring society that sees George Zimmerman doing what he thinks is right and sees Trayvor Martin as doing what he thinks is right?  Could George be defending his hard-won property while Trayvor is defending his right to gain the same?


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

One thought on “Trayvon Martin Shooting was a True Tragedy.”

  1. Since we don’t really know that much about Martin – and what we’re learning isn’t so pretty – how can one objectively say that his death was a tragedy? Or, given what little we know of Zimmerman, that what this has done to the rest of his life is, likewise, a tragedy?

    In either case this could be a tragedy but, in either case, it could also be the lesser of evils and the best result for society – barring what the Black hate groups and the media enablers have done, but even that could turn out for the best if it finally wakes up Americans to what’s happening.

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