Kofi Annan and Peace

http://news.yahoo.com/annan-meet-assad-seeking-end-syria-violence-002653949.html  The question asked in this article is “Can Kofi Annan” broker a peace in Syria?”  My answer is an unequivocal yes.  However, there are conditions and they are the following:

1. Foreign elements such as the CIA and the British and French Spy agencies must stop fomenting the continued unrest in Syria.

2. Russia and especially Vladimir Putin must be consulted and approve any deal.

3. Iran must be consulted and included in all back door negotiations for a settlement.

4. The legal government of Syria under Assad must be respected and affirmed by the UN as the legal government of Syria.

5. The violent and armed insurgency must be disavowed, disarmed and dissolved by its foreign sponsors.

6. The legal government under Assad must be publicly, and I repeat the word “publicly” engaged and publicly guaranteed legal and legitimate means for resolution of the conflict under Syrian law.

7. The so-called Syrian National Council, which is a surrogate for France and Britain must be disavowed and required to dissolve.

8. China must be constantly consulted and included in the ongoing negotiations for the sovereignty of Syria.

9. USA, Britain and France must publicly affirm their recognition of the legal Assad government in Damascus.

10. NATO must publicly announce that it is not even entitled to intervene in the affairs of the sovereign State of Syria.

11. Turkey, as a member State of NATO must refuse to continue harboring enemies of the Syrian government such as recently defected Generals.

12. Tribal leaders, (for lack of a better “Western” term) must be included as integral to any internal agreement between the government of Syrian and the International community. 

13. In the event of free and internationally monitored elections, the monitors must disavow beforehand the prejudiced and inaccurate statements of election fraud which, for instance, were routinely issued after the election of Vladimir Putin.

I recognise that the 13 conditions place all of the burden on the West respecting the sovereign integrity of the Syrian government of President Assad.  But this is the only legitimate and realistic way to end the outside influenced insurgency and restore peace and tranquility to Syria.  And let me end by emphasis on the central and key role of Russia, China and Turkey.  As for England and France, they are former Imperialist Colonial powers and their hands are already bloody because of their brutal pursuit of Western Imperialism in Libya.  And the USA?  We should be foremost in favor of  national sovereignty as reflected by our own revolution against colonial Imperial England in 1776.  And we should be for non-interference as reflected by our Federal position during our own Civil War, (or War of Northern Aggression) in 1865.  The fact that we abandoned these policies in 1875 versus Mexico and in 1898 versus Spain and in 1917 versus the Axis is merely evidence of our own growth as an international imperial power.  WW II is an entirely different story.  And Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan are exceptionalism adventures, to say the least.

Yes, Kofi Annan can restore peace, to a war ravaged Syria.  However, this writer believes that the adventurism of the USA government is already undermining his efforts.  And I believe that the robust colonial imperialism displayed by France under Sarkozy and England under Cameron, is not likely to dissipate. Therefore, the goodly people of Syria, like the countries of Egypt, and Libya will be the unwitting dupes of the internationalist aspirations of USA Obama, Frances’s Sarkozy and England’s Cameron.  A very sad commentary indeed. 


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

One thought on “Kofi Annan and Peace”

  1. Good post, your idealism receives a proper dose of cynicism in the last paragraph.

    Isn’t it interesting, that these know-nothing journalists who are asking these rhetorical questions about the outcome of Kofi Annan’s mission would be astonished to hear the truth?

    The propaganda blanket is so very thick that the entire ‘free world’ is likely to be in denial akin to that experienced by the German population after the 1918 armistice, following the awful breaking-in of truth which could no more be suppressed by the stream of lies fed to them by their government press.

    Nothing will come of it, I fear, unless NATO has plausible deniability of their complicity to promote their proxy ‘Contras’ who are destabilizing Syria – nothing but the usual state-busting intervention – the final big lie. If only we had a few more weeks to investigate better and to allow the uber-rulers to back-pedal on this and simply betray those pirates whom they have financed and armed to agitate on their behalf.

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