Obama’s Parenting is not the Issue

http://news.yahoo.com/obama-blames-gop-failure-hit-d-c-social-140554699.html Obama makes a statement during this interview that he is a father and a parent and that his obligation to his family keeps him away from the “…Washington social scene.”  This is absurd. The WH is one big party after another starting with the big fantasy party for the Hollywood actors which he kept hidden for fear of public criticism.  Obama is the golfing, basketball, party, vacation, President.  So, in this writers opinion, such a claim by the President is just plain silly.

However, the bigger issue is President Obama’s continued refusal to see his own, “I will veto it.” stance as the problem.  Again and Again, the President says that he will not sign any legislation that does not give him exactly what he wants.  He has also repeatedly refused to implement legislation that he does not like and retards progress on other programs that would employ Americans.  His refusal of the oil pipeline deal with Canada is the latest example of his personal intervention to block progress.

We need to add that his own Democrat Party under former Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to allow anything to get done exept his Obama Care legislation which consumed the energy of the Congress totally during his first two years.  The Democrats refused to propose a Budget. They refused  to hold examination hearings of  any (there actually were a few) appointments by Obama. They tabled (a form of refusal to talk about something) any legislation that might take time away from the Obama Agenda.  All of the Democrat actions in the Congress have been to block anything Republican and that was the cause of Congressional gridlock.  I remember Greta Van Sustern asking Rep. Paul Ryan if Speaker Pelosi ever talked to him or any other Republican during her term. His answer was a blunt, “…No she does not speak with us, only very occasionally through intermediaries and the public press conference…”

Then and now, we also need to remember the Senate Majority leader Harry Reid’s weekly refrain of “Dead on Arrival” for every piece of Republican sponsored legislation sent to him by the House of Representatives.

Add it up.  Democrat Nancy Pelosi does not even bother to talk to the Republicans. Democrat Harry Reid says about their proposals, ” Dead on Arrival.”  And President Obama says about their legislative agenda, “I’ll veto it.”  So, who is responsible for such poor relations with Congress?  Surely, any alert person can add many more public statements by Democrat leaders which indicate that the Republicans had better do it the Democrat way or forget about getting anything done.  By the way, I think the Pelosi House of Reps did not propose or pass any budget during her term.  Also, I think that it is now over nine hundred days since the Democrats in the Senate have proposed a budget.

President Obama would do much better for the nation if he would stop partying, stop golfing, stop B Balling, stop vacationing, and stay home with the kids.  Maybe then he could get some office work done and stop leaving the running of the government to Valerie Jarrett.

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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