Romney and Republicans Can Fatally Shoot Each Other–abc-news.html  It seems to this writer that the biggest danger for the Republican party is its self-destruction.  At first, all of the debates and the interchanges were hum drum and boring.  As time went on, the debates became interesting and there was a hearty and good interchange of thoughts.  However, the Iowa vote lead to destructive criticism between the candidates.  Now, this has evolved into a full shooting war of personal criticism against the Republican front-runner.  The criticism includes his success as a venture capitalist.–Is success as a businessman and creator of jobs considered a deficit?  Well, the media pundits including conservatives seem to think it is!  The attacks continue against Romney’s generosity to his religion. It seems that the pundits want to uncover some nefarious Mormon conspiracy by their use of innuendo.  Additionally,  we see the Anti Romney forces unleashing a smear attack like OWS against Romney’s intelligent use of the USA tax code to preserve his money. The idea here is that millionaires like Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, NJ Senator Frank Lautenberg, Congressman Daryl Issa are all OK but millionaire Mitt Romney is some kind of Darth Vader figure to be considered dangerous to the American political system.  Add to all of this the obvious disdain of conservative talk show hosts who only vaguely cover their anti Romney bias, and one wonders WHY? a man like Mitt Romney, a person of such obviously admirable accomplishments -why? he would want to subject himself to such burn and pillage tactics from his rivals!!?  I guess he believes he is the right man for the job of President of the USA.  The others do too. However, their collective self-destruction is being played out on the TV daily.  The only beneficiary is Obama.  It can be hoped that the Republicans can right the ship but like the Captain of the Concordia they may be more interested in waving to relatives onshore than protecting the safety of the Republican party.

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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