Palestine UN Bid


Bravo!  Congratulations!  Just do it!  This is the writer’s initial response to the Palestinian bid for recognition.  However, I think that trying to negotiate based upon the 1967 borders is just not possible.  Nonetheless, the Palestinian have suffered enough from the Arab world and the West.  A story from the Past– In 1971 I was privileged to make a trip to Lebanon.  It was a scholarship thing.  Anyway! I went to the beautiful “Zürich” on the mediterranean city of Beirut.  It was a cosmopolitan city.  But it had a dark underside, in the form of refugee camps of Palestinian people living in the center of Beirut behind chain linked fences.  It is a long story based upon a Christian Baptism in a little Christian Church which was  just outside the refugee camp fence. Anyway!  I asked my host, Dennis, why the refugees were locked behind the fences and living in canvas tents?  He told me that the Arab governments of the surrounding States refused to take these people into their own nations, instead using them as political pawns in the Arab game of Chess against Jewish Israel.  Then Dennis startled me with his next statement, “The people who, during the baptism, are shouting at you from behind those fences, they are the children of refugees who came here after the establishment of the State of Israel.  They were born in these fetid camps!”

Imagine being the child of good and honest Palestinian refugees.  Children born in Refugee tents because the surrounding Arab States refused to admit you.  But imagine, that the Imams and the Muslin Arab leaders had used Josef Goebbels tactics to convince you that you impoverished conditions was due to those damned Jews in Israel!! Incredible.

It really does blow the Western, American mind away!!

The Palestinian people, betrayed by the British and the French in WW II, and Betrayed by the USA, and most grievously betrayed by their own Arab Moslem neighbors, most certainly have a right to representation in the UN.  After all, we let the French NATO alliance wage war against the legal government of Libya in order to install a French/British puppet government in Tripoli!! When will the USA stand fast against the resurgent Paris/London Imperialist Colonialism?


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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