Get Out of Afghanistan

Including the latest deaths, at least 28 international troops have been killed so far this month in Afghanistan.

Time to go.  This writer does not believe that Western involvement in the civil wars of foreign countries is ever in the best interest of the USA.  Although a US Army Chaplain in 2004 I was opposed to the war in Iraq because I am opposed to war period!  However, in 1977,  many of my friends refused military service. With the All Volunteer force, that was a luxury provided to them.  However, as a Citizen and yes, as a Christian, I felt a call to service because our service member deserve their right to the ministrations of their religion, as provided in the Constitution, and the US Code and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  Therefore, I volunteered to serve the soldiers, and of course the nation.  Twenty five years later, when the US government went to war against Iraq, I was opposed to war, as always.  However, how can one, for twenty-five years “say” they will serve and when called upon to enter active duty in support of soldiers, say “NO”.  Principles are Principles.  Commitment is Commitment.  Duty is Duty.  If not?  Then why bother having such concepts?  None the less, I am committed to the principle that is war is bad.  The writer believes it is not our duty to militarily interfere in the civil internal affairs of sovereign States, like Libya, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.  So, let us get out of Iraq, completely.  No US ground forces there.  Let us get out of Afghanistan, completely.  No US ground forces there.  If we want to negotiate a military outpost in each of those countries, as a stage for rapid response of US forces when enemies directly attack us, okay.  Such an action is good global politics in an era of piracy and international terrorism.  However, strict guideline apply as to the use of US military assets when interfering, UN mandate or not, in the internal affairs of Sovereign States. 


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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