Puppet Masters

The Libyan situation is playing out like a very well orchestrated puppet show.  But who are the puppet masters.  We know about  Sarkozy, Obama, Cameron.  But what about the back room players.  How did these three get away with toppling the Legally recognized government of Libya.  (This writer acknowledges the dictatorship and to be revealed horrors of the regime) but there are plenty of others and we are not yet waging a United Nations backed “war of civilian protection” against these regimes.  So who are the unseen players?  What did they contribute the this “peacekeeping” war. And what do they intend to get out of it.  This is surprized at the open display of leftist organizations and international organizations claiming to be for human rights.  Who was it that was immediately present in Tripoli to search for and reveal the alleged cooperation of former governments with the Libyan regime?  Why are these organizations very anxious to produce allegations against former leaders?  We know of the French connect.  We also witness the Murdock scandal implicating Cameron and the London riots.  Now we have Obama in trouble with the electorate.  Would a hulabaloo scandal against the former regimes of of England and USA work to the “surprize” advantage of these warmongers.  In England we already have the announcement of an investigation into the ties of the former government and Libya, sort of a real quick play to throw the dirt of the other guy and divert attention from the Cameron troubles.  What will be next. You can expect a revisit to the former USA administration and the return of the Liberal shout that all of the USA problems were caused by Bush.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

One thought on “Puppet Masters”

  1. I cannot believe that there is someone on this site arguing that Gaddafi should have been left to violently repress his own civilian populace.
    Britain and France did not launch an independent, unilateral invasion – we simply intervened to assist a domestic resistance movement. This was clearly the right thing to do, on a moral as well as a political level.
    And just because we cannot intervene in every repressed country in the world, it does not follow that we should not intervene when we can, when a situation such as this occurs on our doorstep.

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