Obama Regime Must be Replaced


It is time for regime change and the place is Washington, DC.  As this very fair and insightful article tells us, all of the ideologically motivated “changes” of the Obama Administration have damaged the USA.  Why?

1.  The Obama Administration was from the very first, an ideologically motivated administration.  That of itself is not surprising since most elections are about ideas.  a. However, the Obama administration has plenty of ideas but no experience in governing a nation.  b. The ideas of Mr. Obama and his appointees were hidden under benign liberal slogans like, “hope and change” but were actually revolutionary Maoists, socialist, egalitarian, and even in some forms communist political philosophies.  c. Others may have had the same ideas but the Obama administration actually tried to implement them with the aid and protection of a main stream news media that covered up all facts and fed the American people carefully selected pabulum. ( this was ridiculously illustrated by the reporting that Mr. Obama was “losing sleep” (poor baby) over the debt debate and recently was forced to curtail his Cape Cod luxury vacation because of Hurricane Irene. ( I wonder if he was afraid to bail water at the multi million dollar mansion in which he resided?)  Folks,  the main stream press, as you know, actually reported these items to get our sympathy for our President!

2.  The Obama administration has not presented any plan for the economic recovery of America.  instead they have passed that off to the Republicans in Congress.  It seems that they have reversed the tried and true axiom of our government, namely, that the President proposes and the Congress disposes.  (Maybe the President has never graduated from the Illinois Senate?)

3.  The President actually thinks that the identification of the problem is the entire scope of his job and that the rest of the government is supposed to come up with the solution.  Okay!  But when they do come up with the solution, such as the numerous Republican legislative proposals, he has his henchman Harry Reid say, Dead on Arrival in the Senate and if that fails, he tells the problems solvers that he will veto their efforts.  And he does all of this while going on record saying that we need more cooperation and collaboration in Washington.

4. Lastly, and this is simply my personal pet peeve…I do not think that Barrack Hussein Obama likes America.  Oh, yes, he likes Air Force One.  He uses it as his personal private plane while at the same time criticizing corporate executives for using private company jets.  Oh, yes, he likes the massive serving staff of the White House, that caters to his whims ( as they did for other Presidents) but Obama at the same time tells us to stop eating at fast food restaurants, and to tighten our belts and learn to give up our perks and share the wealth…all the while he luxuriates in the splendors of the perks we lavish on our Presidents…and all the while, I believe, he doesn’t even like us.

There is a solution to all of this.  It comes in November 2012 when the citizens of this great nation should tell Mr. Obama, “Thanks, but no thanks.”  Give him his pension and get him out of the White House before he completely destroys the nation we love and he doesn’t even like.

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

One thought on “Obama Regime Must be Replaced”

  1. You may want to rethink the name of your blog, as I’ve looked at several posts now and there’s nothing progressive about it. Do you know what progressive politics means? Your site is far from it, which is fine, but just a misleading title.

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