Paul Ryan is the Leader America Needs

We need a leader and Representative Paul Ryan is the man of the hour.  He understands economics.  He also understands the economics needed to get the USA back into play as the greatest economy in the world.  This will not only help America, it will help the world.  Yes, I am bold enough to say that a Paul Ryan Presidency will make the world a better place.

He is also a very good communicator and what he tells you is the truth.  Today we have a lot of double speak, mis-speak and down right lies.  We also have a huge amount of political theater by the ” I will veto it Obama”  and the “dead on arrival Reid.”  We need Paul Ryan because he has sound financial ideas, these ideas are part of an all encompassing plan, and if we implement the plan we will stop this double dip recession, save medicare and Social Security and put America back to work on the road to prosperity.

Paul Ryan loves America.  He is a proud citizen of our nation and he has served in our Congress with dignity and integrity.  There is little  likelihood that like Obama, Ryan would appoint people to his cabinet who, like the President, do not love America .

The names of the people who are endorsing a Ryan bid for the White House show that he would unite and strengthen the Republican party, (see names in the article).  It also indicates that Congressman Ryan enjoys across the spectrum political support.

Although I cannot promise it, I also believe that if Paul Ryan wins the nomination from Mitt Romney, that Governor Romney will commit his strong  campaign force behind a Ryan drive for the election.

Paul Ryan is a good campaigner,  and will be a match for Obama.  Paul’s love for the truth will not allow Paul’s respect for the institution of the Presidency to limit him as he refutes the smear campaign certain to be launched against him by the Obama White House.

In every area and according to every criteria, a Paul Ryan Presidency will be very good for America.  He is the leader we need.

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

One thought on “Paul Ryan is the Leader America Needs”

  1. let’s get someone into the White House who has the ability to lead us out of the economic mess that we are in.

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