Obama Worries About Syria and Not USA


You know it is really bad when it becomes apparent that the President of the USA does not really care about America and is more worried about an Arab Moslem Country named Syria.  Does anybody notice the pattern.  First the newly elected President goes to Egypt in 2008 and declares the Arab Spring.  Then we have revolution against our long time friend, Mubarak.  Obama demurs but then he says, Mubarak MUST go.  We abandon our friend and weeks later we witness him in a jail and as cage.  So much for Mubarak supporting USA for decades, only to end up in a prison cage.  Then we have Libya.  The Gaddalfi people agree to accepot blae for Lockerbie in exchange support of USA to for Libya to enter once again into the International family of  friends.  This was agreed to by the USA government under GW Bush. ( Evenn if you don’t like Bush, he was our Preswident at the time and his promise was our promise) ( Hey, that is the way the big boys play and if you want to be a whiner and a cheat, well, okay, but this writer will honor our agreements because our President made legally binding agreements at the time)  ANYWAY, in comes OBAMA  and all of this goes away, and instead we attack Libya and reluctantly, Obama says, Gaddalfi Must go.  Now we have Syria.  A much more powerful and more stable country.  After extensive defense of its government against rebellion inside Syria, ( please remember that armed and organized comspiracy to overthrow the government of the USA is legally punishable by death!) and today we have Obama declaring reluctantly, That assad MUST go.  There is definitely a pattern here and I am fearfully directing your attention to the one common player, OBAMA.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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