Christian World Domination? Don’t Be Silly!  The writer of this very silly piece of fantasy knows nothing at all about Christianity.  I do not mean Christian thinking, I mean the reality of Christian denominationalism.  There is simply not enough cohesion for Christianity in any form to be a world dominator.  Secondly, the author assumes, ( remember the saying that assume mean to make an ass out of u and me!) that such a nefarious world domination conspiracy exits in the “secret” halls of radical right-wing Christian extremists.  Good stuff for Dan Brown novels but very far removed from the present scene of world-wide Christianity.  Christianity is a religion and it is so diverse and so divided that the idea of one universal theology able to collect enough followers for a comprehensive world domination philosophy is simply nonsense.  So, I would recommend that Ms. Goldberg get a grip, take out a few  recently published works about Christianity and get to reading.  Maybe, in that way, she will come out of her editorial office in some high-rise metropolitan building and get real with real people.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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