Obama not Helping

The President is constantly saying we need to work, but does he work? It seems he is playing golf, having parties, going on vacation and attending political fund-raisers. When does he study, hear briefings, attend update sessions of each cabinet member and just take the needed time to write down his actual agenda?
The President says we need to cooperate. But then he blames the opposition party for everything. What do you think of a person who says on Monday that it is all your fault, that he takes no blame and that you and your backers are the devil and then turns right around and says, “What we need is more cooperation.”? I think of the President as the Whiner and Divider in chief!  Then there is the issue of the so-called Tea Party.  What is the Tea Party?  According to the President and his administration, including the entire Democrat party, the Tea Party members are  the major, if not the sole, cause of all of our problems.  Sounds a lot like the Nazi’s who blamed the Gypsies, the Gays and the Jews for all of Germany’s problems.  Will the Czars of the Obama administration demand that all citizens affiliated with the Tea Party Movement register as “terrorists?”  or be required to wear a yellow tea bag sewn onto their clothing?  Will the children of Tea Party affiliated Americans be vilified and mocked in the public school system and be ostracized in the publicly supported colleges?  The Obama administration is a seething pot of anger that spews forth boiling condemnations of swaths of American citizens as though these American citizens are the enemy.  Maybe they are the enemy of the Obama Administration, but Hey, this is America, after all, and such political opposition is our inherent and constitutional right.  I remember that during the Presidential campaign Candidate Obama said that he would not visit West Virginia because they were not his people.  I think that avoiding a State you are slated to lose is standard practice, but to actually say that the people of that State are not your people betrays your values.  It says that you consider yourself to be President of “your” people, namely those who agree with you, and the others are the enemy!  Sad really!  A good thing and maybe the finest thing for President Obama to do would be not to run for a second term.  It would save a lot of trouble.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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