Is America a Criminal Aggressor?

The USA Administration is phony.  It declares an Arab Spring when Obama visited Cairo after his election.  Then it stalls at first and then fully condemns Mubarak, ignoring the Islamic fundamentalist threat.  At the same time it tells Israel to go back to pre Arab War borders.  It also is mild with Syria while joining in the vile and violent illegal and criminal aggression against Libya.  Then it ignores the Ivory coast dictator and continues with Sarkozy to bomb Libya.  Then it continues to refrain from any UN action against Syria while we watch hundred of civilians kills in the streets of Damascus and Hama and elsewhere in Syria.  But we continue to bomb Libya along with Cameron who is complicit with Sarkozy in illegal criminal aggression against the legal government of Libya.  Meanwhile we completely ignore the Jihadist attempts to take over Somalia while ten thousand people there die of hunger.  But we continue to bomb Libya.  And while Assad destroys the entire city of Hama, we threaten to isolate him but completely rule out any action, yet we continue to bomb Libya.  What is there inside of Libya that Sarkozy, Cameron and Obama want?  OIL…this is a terrible return to Western European Territorial aggression by former colonialist and imperialist France, Britain and Belgium . I speak of this on my BloG Talk Radio podcast

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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