Debt Crisis says that America is Alive and Well

Hooray, this article is not about dysfunction, it is not about childish games, it is not even about mere politics…rather it is about America and the indicators signal that the USA is very much alive and very healthy…yes, very healthy indeed!

All of this activity indicates that our people and our legislators and our leaders really do care about America.  However, this writer still wonders about President Obama, since I see that his posturing and pontificating has left Mitch Mc Connell saying that Obama needs to finally indicate what he WILL sign and we are in the game.  That is cynical on the President’s part and leaves him with just too, yes, too much power.

But today is a glorious day for America.  It is because our legislators actually DO care about America.  All of the political theater is a good thing.  It means people are willing not to shout each other down but to demonstrate according to LAW that one side is not able to bully and cripple the other side.  That is good for America.

Today is a glorious day for America because (as I address in a previous blog) The House Republicans were not betrayed by their Speaker.  Instead, they were given their fair chance to thrown a legal punch at the other side.  hooray for Politics because if one side feels helpless and disenfranchised then all is lost.

It may seem that all of this political theater is meaningless.  But, I encourage you to see it as the most meaningful thing that we could ever be doing.  How is that? It is because both sides are passionate.  That is a good thing.  Both sides believe they are right for America.  That is a good thing.  Both sides have ways to destroy the other side.  And although they do a lot of dodging and weaving and feinting and jabbing, yet, they ULTIMATELY do not really want to destroy each other.  And that is a very good thing!!

But there is another.  He sits in a house called white and he wags his finger, and he preaches and he pontificates but has shown himself to be vacuous and duplicitous.  And while the earnest partisans fight, he schemes and maneuvers and plans his next nefarious move.  He does not love the game. He does not love the nation,  He cares only about his own agenda and that agenda, surprisingly, may be to destroy the very nation over which he presides.  Why destroy it?  Because he does not love it.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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