Boehner Needs to worry about Betraying Fellow Republicans

The way this debt deal is going down, John Boehner needs to worry about holding on to his Speaker position.  Frankly, he shouldn’t worry at all about Obama.  I am sure Obama doesn’t worry about him.

But there is a betrayal in the making and it involves old line Careerist Republicans like Boehner who seems intend on enforcing old school ways of doing business in the Congress. This old school way of thinking includes the continued use of patronage politics, strong-arm tactics, coercion, and political blackmail.  ( Hey that is what they all do behind the closed doors of the Whip with the full approval of the Speaker.) Such tactics have been rumored to have been used against Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, namely, that the Party might try to carve up his district in such a way as to cause him to “automatically” lose the next election.

The newly elected Representatives, many who won with strong Tea Party Movement backing, have promised to change this old school way into a more transparent, open, straight forward system of intellectual integrity, political conviction, and solidity ethical conduct between colleague and not between Speaker loyalists and others.

The game plan for the Reid Boehner bill is to have this bill written in such a way so that it will be acceptable to the whole block of House Democrats who will ally with Boehner loyalists and pass a bill that does not need any support from newly elected conservative Representatives.  In effect such an action is a cynical betrayal of the good faith and courage of the newly elected Representatives who finally agreed reluctantly to vote “yes” to a bill they did not want.

By showing the newly elected House members that they are not needed and are not effective against a coalition of old line House and Senate Careerists like Boehner and Reid, the action alienates the freshmen and forces them to choose obedience to Boehner, or continued political ostracism.  No matter, because the betrayal will have occurred and the Representatives will get their first injection of old line, old school cynicism and duplicity.  An injection that could prove fatal to their idealism and lethal to the future of the Republic.

A solution?  The freshmen need to work hard to keep their base and to stay on in Congress.  This writer believes that many of the brightest and the best are not careerists and will choose not to run again if they feel that their efforts are doomed to inevitable failure.  Their loss may insure continued longevity to Reid and Boehner but it will also guarantee to intellectually bankrupt the Republican party.

Secondly, if they can see their way to continue the fight for Conservative principles, they will need to develop a strategy for replacing the Speaker and his palace guards.  Boehner as a person, a citizen, and a patriot is not the issue. Rather, it is old line careerism and old school political practices that must be replaced by ways that more effectively reflect the mind, will and heart of the electorate.

The Tea Party Movement (TPM) may be hated.  But who hates what is not important?  It may be vilified by the President and Senator Reid and their supporters in the politically motivated press.  But who bothers to try to destroy something that is not meaningful and effective?  There may be setbacks, and maybe some may not regard the Boehner-Reid bill as a betrayal.  Nonetheless, the battle line between the old war horse careerist politicians and the newly elected Representatives is being drawn as we watch.  Actually, the first battles have already been fought and it looks like a draw.  But do not think that the so called “veteran” members of Congress are not scheming to disarm what they see as a threat to their longevity and power.



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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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