Harry Reid is Stopping Progress

the house passed the Cut spending, Cap future spending, and balance the Budget Constitutional amendment bill.  As is ALWAYS the case Senator Harry Reid, Democrat, said that the Bill was dead on arrival in the Senate.  How is that compromising Harry?  Anyway, There was great public call in and email and write in to give the Cut, Cap and Balance bill a hearing.  Instead Senate Democrats decided to “table” the bill in the Senate which means that the Democrats decided not to even read, discuss, debate or attempt to amend the House passed bill.  The House tries to solve the debt problem and the Senate says, “dead on arrival”  and then the President says that even if the Senate passes it, he will veto it.  How is that compromise?  But then President Obama gets on TV and tells the nation that the problem is that the “other guys”( Republicans) will not compromise!!  So it looks like we have some really game playing here.  First, it is the President who is supposed to propose the budget.  But Obama says that “ain’t my job , man!”  Instead he throws his responsibility upon the House Republicans and takes the role of scolder, demander and whiner in Chief.  So the Republicans take the responsibility because it is obvious the Democrats will not.  The propose the Ryan Plan.  Not perfect but a very reasonable plan.  But Harry Reid, Democrat of the Sem=nate says, ” Dead on Arrival”  But Reid then goes on TV and says that the Republicans will not compromise.  The Obama says that any plan that does not meet t=his criteria will be vetoed.  But after that Obama goes on Radio and complains that the Republicans will not compromise.  So the House passes the Cut Cap and Balance Bill and Reid refused to compromise…instead he shouts, “Dead on arrival”  and goes to the cameras and complains that the Republicans will not compromise.  Now the Republicans try again with the Boehner Bill but already Reid says, “Dead on Arrival”nd Obama says “I’ll veto it”  and then both go on TV and say, ” it’s the Republicans fault because they will not compromise.”  I believe the American people are a fair-minded people and although they may be calling the Republicans with the message, “Fix this mess.”  I think they can now see that they need to replace the not compromising Democrats at the nest election so that we can get back to functioning government.  It is obvious that the Democrats do not care about functioning government, all they care about is making sure that anything the Republicans do is eith “Dead on Arrival”  or Vetoed.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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