Obama and Sarkozy Hate Gaddafi


The USA should not be allied with French Liar Sarkozy.  The people of the USA should not be seen as untrustworthy.  We gave promises to Gaddafi and then we reneged.  We said we would rehabilitate him in peace with the West and then we tried to murder him and his family.  Is the USA a Mafia State?  Are we criminal aggressors?  Are we two-faced traitors who give promises one day and then change our mind the next?  Who in the world could trust such a country?  The war against Libya is not viewed by the world as an effort to protect civilians.  It is seen as Obama and Sarkozy and Cameron attacking an Arab country that never attacked them.  It is seen as further evidence that the Obama Administration is not to be trusted.  It is seen as a war for oil.  I ask my readers to lay aside the stereotypes of Libyan leader Gaddafi.  I ask you to read the article without the prejudice of the New York Times and TIME magazine.  I ask you to play a game.  Just let yourself assume that the Libyans are telling the truth and the Europeans and Americans are lying.  Then review the facts, including todays revelation that French leader Sarkozy has been supplying weapons and advisors to the so-called “rebels” from the beginning. Email your Senators and Congress people to stop funding for the criminal war of aggression against Libya.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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