Obama was being a “dick” today


I guess we need to call MSNBC the OBAMA channel!

Shame on us.  Where is political honesty?  Where is freedom of the Press?  Where is that “Stand up and Speak out” spirit of the America of our fathers and our founders?

Let’s face it. President Obama is a finger wagging nag who acts like the Church Lady on Saturday  Night live.

He fully understands our situation.  He is an intelligent man who achieved the Presidency of the USA no mean feat!

Yet, he does not have a plan!!!

President Obama is used to the idea that all he needs to do pronounce the WHAT of the situation and the minions who obsequiously surround him will produce the HOW.  He reminds me of GRU in the cartoon as he tells the “minions” that he is the greatest villain in the world.   Hey, President Obama makes a great cartoon character.  Maybe, after we release him from office, he will patent himself to Cartoon Network!

And NO…I absolutely do not apologize to the President or the White House.  They are,, after all, the SERVANTS of the people who elected them.  The concept that when we elected them to office we gave them all power and all wisdom and all strength, is absurd.  They are still subject to the WILL and the CONSENT of the people.

Frankly, this writer sees a very alarming trend coming from the White House.  They try to get Congress to do the bidding of the Obama Administration.  Then, when they fail, they blame the Congress for being lazy or “whatever” accusation they can make. Then when this fails, they turn everything topsy-turvy and try to assert that the President is all-powerful and does not need the consent of the Congress or the consent of the people.

What is the VERY MOST troubling aspect of this?  It is the assertion that the President has all power and that the other elected and /or appointed branchs within our Constitutional Republic do not have any power. I reject that concept as dangerous to my own freedom and the freedom of my children, grandchildren and neighbors.  We have a system of checks and balances. And we have a system of the Separation of Powers.  I am very troubled that our nation is frightened.  It is frightened by the Big Federal Government.  It is frightened by the IRS.  It is afraid of the FBI and the CIA.    It is afraid to call the President a “dick” when, in political terms, the commentator believes that he has been a “dick”.

Hey, friends, are there no men in our government?  Are we willing to say that the only “dick” worthy of the title is the President?  And if we use the term in a negative sense all of the other men must grab up their skirts, cower together and say “I am  sorry” to the “dick”.

Maybe America as we have known it actually is in decline?

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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