11 More Americans Dead in Iraq


Let there be a brand new chant in the streets of USA.  It should be ” Get out of Iraq.”  The second chant should be “Get out of Afghanistan.”  And the third should be, ” Get out of Libya.”  This is not a call for isolationism.  It is a call for the survival of the USA.   Why should thousands have died to overthrown Saddam?  They should not have.  Why should we continue to bleed America of her fine young men and women?  We should not.  Let’s tell Obama and whoever we choose for the new President that we are finished with WAR.  We want the wars to stop. And that we require any future President to get a declaration of war BEFORE he commits our military to conflict.  That includes that the President should be hindered from the kind of wars we are engaged in and have been engaged in for nine years.  There is no way that any of these wars is for the betterment of humanity.  They are for killing.  I know that our very fine military have done their very best to bring democracy, better living conditions, better health and education to the areas in which they are fighting.  It is definitely not their fault.  They are the ones who have honor, dignity and who hate war the most. Afterall, protestors in USA and elsewhere do not die for their beliefs!  Soldiers bleed, are maimed and die.  So let’s not blame the messengers.  Let’s put it where it belongs on the politicians, including the Congress.  Let’s use the ballot box, which we say we are fighting to give to other nations like Libya and the like.  Let’s have a new President who refuses wars, calls home ALL of our military and focuses solely on repairing and healing a hurting America.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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