The Russian are now lapdogs to Obama and Sarkozy.,8599,1693121,00.html

How did it happen that Sakozy became such an arch enemy of Gaddafi.  This writer remembers the days when the Western Nations looked forward to welcoming Col Gaddafi and Libya into the world of modern progressive peaceful nations.  Then all of a sudden we are told that Gaddai is a tyrant, a dictator and an international criminal.  What did Gaddafi do?  There are plenty of accepted stereotypes and a lot of allegations but we do not call in the North Altantic Treaty Organization to decimate a nation’ military, destroy it infastructure and attempt to over throw its’ government based on stereotypical anti arab prejudice and heresay allegations.  This blogger has repeated opposed and constantly written against the United Nations sanctioned war of aggression against Libya and its’ legal government.  I have called out NATO as a military alliance which is pursuing an illegal war of criminal aggression against Libya.  Every day is a very sad day for our world because the United Nations is morally compromised by its craven cowardice is not revising its resolution 1973 by removing its complicit agreement to this aggression.  This is a resource war for oil by member states against Libya.  The Libyan oil resource war is evidence that the United Nations is no longer a credible agency for peace and justice in our world and that the United Nations should itself by cited by the International War crimes tribunal at the Hague for its legalization of blatant criminal aggression by its members.  Sadly, the only hope for justice in the United Nations Security Council is the Russian delegate who can introduce censure and sanction resolutions against NATO and in favor of the grieviously injured people of Tripoli and all other bombed and straffed Libyan cities.  But the Russians, although initially seeming to side with justice against resolution 1973, have now been sidelined by Sarkozy, Obama and Cameron.  I never thought to see the day when great Russia would be reduced to a vassal for the two greatest imperialist colonialist nations of the West, France and Britain!  In fact, Sarkozy is so emboldened that he recently called for a similiar resolution of power to NATO as regards Syria and Sarkozy taunts the Russians to dare to oppose him in the Security Council.  Who would have ever thought to see Putin as a lap dog for Menvedev and Menvedev as a lacky for Sarkozy? Indeed, the internal situation within the sovereign nation of Syria is serious but should an interventionist colonial power like France be allowed to assert a new dominance over an Arab State like Syria.  Should the Russians agree to stand idly as the NATO military alliance makes  the Russian influence in the region of no significance?  It is a strange twist of fate that this writer, who is an ardent pro America citizen of the USA, should be looking to a former Communist totalitarian dictatorship for the protection of the sovereignty of nations.  But such is my hope as we face the new world order totalitarianism of Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron.

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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